12 Twelve Obama Campaign Staffers Caught Committing Voter Fraud in Ohio by College Journalists

For my family and friends some of whom may end up being haunted by me LOL:

I don't like to talk or discuss politics because politics brings out the best and the WORSE in people. People can and will vote for whomever they want. For example, my twin sister Lisa who is four minutes older than me is voting for Senator Obama while I am voting for Senator McCain. I agree to disagree. Obviously.

Well since the local media in Hawai'i is biased and mistakenly tries to portray Republicans as the devil when BOTH Democrats and Republicans have done and/or do Hawaiians WRONG. For me it's about my kupuna. ALWAYS. Therefore I vote with the person who is more aligned with my values and that person is the one who is strongly AGAINST the Akaka Bill. I also GREW UP being a staunch Democrat and was a Democrat from 1985 to 2000 until the AKAKA BILL which was created by Democrats. I know, I know... many Hawaiians cling onto the Democrats HOPING and trusting them with their lives but in my experience Democrats treat Hawaiians WORSE than Republicans do. The creation of the Akaka Bill by Democrats epitomize this. What a slap to our face. More importantly what a slap to our KUPUNA's face. Therefore I am a Republican. A pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, anti-Akaka Bill, anti-development at La'au Point, and anti-Kau Inoa "Native Hawaiian Registry" Republican. After nearly 15 YEARS of being a Democrat. After nearly 15 YEARS of trusting Democrats only to have them create the Akaka Bill and slap our kupuna in their face. I know, I know... some Hawaiians INSIST on clinging to the Democratic party but the sad reality is that the Republican party while not perfect they are MORE respectful of Hawaiians. IRONIC ISN'T IT? The media in Hawai'i is very powerful and their bias against Republicans epitomizes this.

Some people bitch about Governor Lingle too but little do they know that I wrote a letter to her asking her to please help Baby Ikaika who was an oiwi ice baby NOT fall through the cracks. What did she do? She hooked me up DIRECTLY with the social services director. I know, I know... the media in Hawai'i does not report this because they are BIASED against Republicans when it was Governor Lingle who tried to help me rescue Baby Ikaika. Obviously I despise the local media in Hawai'i because instead of preserving the integrity of journalism they crap on Hawaiians and allow some people to write racist crap about us just to sell more ads. That is so messed up. Not only do they try to portray Hawaiians as though we are less than human... as though we are MONSTERS... they also are biased against Republicans yet who do some Hawaiians insist on believing? The media and Democrats who both slap our kupuna in their FACE and who are preparing to slit our keikis' throat. Yet these Hawaiians INSIST on voting Democrat. Trust is very important to me and while both Republicans AND Democrats did/do our kupuna wrong... Democrats are MUCH WORSE: They created the Akaka Bill. THAT is the epitome of EVIL.

While the biased local media tries to portray Republicans as THE enemy of the Hawaiian people, IMHO it is the Democrats who created the Akaka Bill and Senator Obama strongly SUPPORTS it while Senator McCain strongly OPPOSES it. The reason why I voted for McCain via absentee ballot is obvious: Between the two... who is for or against the Akaka Bill? McCainSTRONGLY opposes the Akaka Bill which is GREAT yet some Hawaiians will vote for the person who will send our keiki to the wolves to be eaten alive! IF and WHEN they are their lives are on YOUR heads and I will NEVER let you folks forget it LOL

I know that some people see Senator Obama as a messiah but 12 of Obama's staffers have been caught for voter fraud in Ohio and who uncovered their shadiness?

College students:

http://www. palestra. net/news/17691

Kudos to these college journalists.

Of course in Hawai'i the media is biased against Republicans but then who plans to send our keiki to be eaten alive by the wolves in Washington DC? Democrats and not only did they create the Akaka Bill Senator Obama has explicitly stated that he supports the Akaka Bill while Senator McCain has publicly stated that he strongly OPPOSES the Akaka Bill yet some people INSIST on voting for Democrats. Ironically President Bush was set to veto it yet some Hawaiians INSIST on voting Democrat. Of course I was a registered Democrat from 1985 til 2000... until the Akaka Bill showed their TRUE colors and I walked to the Republicans who STRONGLY OPPOSE the Akaka Bill.

IF Senator Obama wins this election and WHEN he sends our keiki to the wolves I blame everyone who voted for him. All of the lives of our keiki who will face the WOLVES in Washington DC are on your head. That includes my twin sister Lisa by the way I WILL blame all of you LOL I will also NEVER let you folks live it down and will ALWAYS remind you that it's partly YOUR fault that they will face the wolves in Washington DC.

So far I have these people who will be voting or who have voted for McCain via absentee ballot or early voting because unlike Senator Obama whom the media in Hawai'i mistakenly tries to portray as the messiah of the Hawaiian people when he's not. The Democrats CREATED the Akaka Bill and he has explicitly states that he supports it. Fortunately my husband, my brother-in-law, and my cop friend are all voting for Senator McCain who strongly opposes the Akaka Bill. The list so far:

- Me

- My husband

- My brother-in-law

- My cop friend

It won't be THEIR fault IF our keiki are sent to be eaten alive by the WOLVES. However I WILL blame everyone of you who vote for Senator Obama. Each and EVERY ONE of you LOL

Well here is the transcript:

http://www. foxnews. com/story/0,2933,436022,00. html

18 total votes from the Obama campaign have been withdrawn.

This differs from the McCain camp: One McCain staffer registered while in Ohio... but everyone from the McCain campaign has been cleared.


Ohio Revised Code Section 3503. 02, entitled Residence determination rules, which is mysteriously concealed in Title 35, designated Elections, and further concealed in Chapter 3503, labeled Voters -- qualification; registration, states as follows:

All registrars and judges of elections, in determining the residence of a person offering to register or vote, shall be governed by the following rules:

(A) That place shall be considered the residence of a person in which the person's habitation is fixed and to which, whenever the person is absent, the person has the intention of returning.

* * *

(C) A person shall not be considered to have gained a residence in any county of this state into which the person comes for temporary purposes only, without the intention of making such county the permanent place of abode.


Like I keep saying... Senator Obama is shady and I HOPE he loses because if he wins he will push for the Democrats' Akaka Bill and our keiki will be sent to be eaten alive by the wolves! Their lives will be on your heads. I will blame each and EVERY one of you til the day that I die... then after I die I will haunt you ALL and NEVER let you forget that it's partly YOUR fault for sending our keiki to the WOLVES in Washington DC :P

And for all of those people boasting and BRAGGING about Obama and "change" IF Obama is elected and WHEN he sends our keiki to be eaten ALIVE by the wolves in Washington DC our keikis' lives are on YOUR heads. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for helping to lead them straight to the WOLVES in Washington DC.

Anyway while the polls are showing Senator Obama in the lead (which as those people who know about statistics can be statistically significantly inaccurate) I predict that Senator McCain will take this election. Senator Obama SCARES me MORE than Senator McCain does... for our keiki. I hope and I am praying for Senator McCain to win. That way I KNOW that chances are that like President Bush who was set to veto the Akaka Bill... Senator McCain will veto the Akaka Bill. Unlike Senator Obama, Senator McCain doesn't need "convincing" and there should not be any "convincing" when it comes to our kupuna and our KEIKI. It just IS. That is, you either think about our kupuna and our keiki... or YOU DON'T.

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Comment by Mana Kaleilani Caceres on October 26, 2008 at 8:43pm
This is a very VERY good blog post. I myself, have been leaning towards Senator Obama mainly because during the last few years under the republican watch, this world has become a place I am afraid for my children to live in. BUT, i am strongly opposed to the akaka bill..... I thank you for allowing me to read your oppinions on the above matters. Mahalo nui.

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