State of Hawaii/DLNR wages war against Kanaka Maoli/Hawai'i nationals

Many U.S. settlers in Hawai'i, especially the recent ones within the last 50 years, like to trash the Kanaka Maoli saying they are lazy, on welfare, criminal and derelicts waiting for hand outs. We know this not to be true; yet the character-assassinations continue. Many Hawaiians lived and lives on prime properties that developers are itchy to get their hands on; including the alleged-state of Hawai'i and the U.S. military.

Many don't remember Damon Tract, Kalama Valley, Fort Shafter, H-1 Freeway, Salt Lake, Waimea Valley Falls entrance, Makua, Mokapu, Heeia, Vineyard Blvd./ Queen Emma Gardens/Lusitania St., or even Sand Island; this is just a small sample of places on O'ahu that Kanaka Maoli have been evicted and displaced for developers, the alleged-State of Hawai'i and military; and now is attempting to repeat it in Kahana Valley.

It's best that the U.S. which continuously violates the laws of occupation, disrespects our neutrality, disregards our treaties and laws, ignores its constitutional laws and the rule of law, scoffs at international laws, commits fraud and deceit, must de-occupy our country, Hawai'i.


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