It amazes me when some Hawaiians rave about Obama.. and my personal choices for OHA

For my family and friends who know how blunt I can be. Everyone who knows me already knows that I am strongly anti-Akaka Bill, anti-Kau Inoa "Native Hawaiian Registration" Program, and anti-development at La'au Point and PRO-choice and PRO-gay marriage. Also my husband stated it best... that some people are more concerned about their resumes than they are about Hawaiian children and/or helping other Hawaiians. I agree with him. Fortunately there are exceptions like Mrs. Gerry Johansen who GENUINELY cares about other Hawaiians more than about her "resume." Props to her and people like her for dat. For me it comes down to my kupuna (and their/our mo'opuna.) ALWAYS. Irrelevant of what other people think about me *LOL* No one else's opinion(s) of me matters to me. I ONLY "answer" to my kupuna and only care what THEY think about me. Obviously.

I know that the local media is biased. They have tried to portray us Hawaiians as MONSTERS. As though we are less than human. Their bias against Hawaiians does not surprise me. They also try to portray Republicans as evil, greedy, and RUDE. Yes SOME Republicans are evil, greedy, and RUDE but a few Republicans' actions do not conflate to ALL Republicans. I am also PRO-choice and PRO-gay marriage. I am not the ONLY Republican who thinks this way but it does NOT surprise me how the local media tries to TWIST information in favor of Obama when Obama is the ONE who is preparing to send OUR KEIKI to be eaten ALIVE by the WOLVES.

What surprises me is how some Hawaiians are voting for Senator Obama. They RAVE about him when ironically a vote for Obama is a vote to send our keiki to be eaten alive by WOLVES:

When I tell some people that I am voting for McCain. Actually I voted for him already via absentee ballot but it's not a surprise considering that he strongly opposes the Akaka Bill and WON'T send our keiki to be eaten alive by WOLVES:

IRONICALLY President Bush was set to veto the Akaka Bill

Ironically some Hawaiians bitched about President Bush yet he was set to STOP our keiki from being eaten alive by the wolves.

Ironically some Hawaiians still will vote for Senator Obama.

Ironically they will also be sending our poor keiki to be eaten alive by the WOLVES.

Ironically it's President Bush and Senator McCain who are anti-Akaka Bill which IMHO is why I think more Hawaiians SHOULD be voting for Senator McCain.

Ironically some know this yet they STILL vote for Senator Obama. The very one who will send our keiki to be eaten ALIVE by the WOLVES.

Ironically a vote for Senator Obama is a vote FOR the Akaka Bill... the very thing that will send our keiki to be eaten ALIVE by the WOLVES.

Yet some Hawaiians INSIST on voting for Senator Obama as though he is the messiah... for the Hawaiian people. No.. he's NOT the messiah for the Hawaiian people. He supports the Akaka Bill which clearly shows that he will send our keiki to the WOLVES in Washington DC.

Well when our keiki are eaten ALIVE by the wolves THEY are partly to blame and yes I blame THEM if and WHEN our keiki are eaten alive by the WOLVES in WASHINGTON DC I. BLAME ALL OF THEM FOR ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN.

I blame EACH and EVERY Hawaiian who votes for Senator Obama. If and when they are eaten ALIVE by the WOLVES in WASHINGTON DC... our keiki-s' lives in the hands of the WOLVES in Washington DC are on YOUR HEADS.

So while boasting about "Change" now... later on IF Obama wins this election and he pushes for the Akaka Bill like the other Devil-crats do... then our keiki-s' lives in the hands of the WOLVES in Washington DC are on YOUR HEADS since YOU helped send them there.

As for intra-Hawaiian relations, * SOME of my personal choices for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs in no particular order and chosen for their fairness and REASON and for their respect for our kupuna and/or for the iwi which are VERY important to me:

Terry Kekoolani
Paul deSilva (non-oiwi)
Lehua Kalima
Manu Boyd
Kehaulani Watson
Todd Apo
Ehu Cardell
Nainoa Thompson
Kekuewa Kikiloi
Lynn Maunakea (non-oiwi)
Leona Kalima
Patrick Kawaiola
Walter Ritte
Bumpy Kanahele

Just to name a few ;)

Conversely I do not want Haunani Apoliona speaking for me. I think she does a disservice to ALL Hawaiians by not taking her fiduciary duty as a single agent representative seriously and lacks LOYALTY and OBEDIENCE to HAWAIIANS which are required of single agents. She also seems to lack FULL disclosure which is shady. I do not want the power hungry people and/or people who abuse their power when they have the lives of thousands of Hawaiians in their hands. Instead I want NEW blood in there who will have the lives of thousands of Hawaiians in their hands, RESPECT their LIVES instead of laughing at them and/or IGNORING them, and who share my mana'o that EVERY HAWAIIAN MATTERS. IMHO Apoliona's actions are diametrically opposed to this.

*This is not a conclusive list nor should it be construed as conclusive. This is just a few of those people who I personally want on the board at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

* For those whom I have mentioned it CAN be construed that I think highly of these people in some way. Trust is VERY important to me. To me it is a very high compliment for ME to think highly of ANYone LOL... because I am not easily impressed :P

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Comment by HALE O KEAWE-A-HEULU aka: NAIHE on October 28, 2008 at 11:49pm
The Akaka Bill if it ever goes through can easily be erased things like this are never set in stone. So, it's not a long term worrisome deal. It has tried and tried and never became true. If it does it can be overturned but the power of a president is the driver of our pocketbooks and even can be our beliefs and values based on how you want to look at it from whatever standpoint you want to take it. Obama is for the working class and poor and that is important to me. Anyone who is for the working class and poor has my vote. A party that can create a surplus and not add more deficit to our budget has my vote. Remember households ranging from $25k up to $150k per year in income continue to share the same kinds of taxbreaks. When a party works for the working class and poor they maintain programs and attempt to create programs while still maintaining a surplus. The fat has got to be cut off the tops of high dalas and the corporate world who do business outside of the US created by those "parties" in support of NAFTA. It was a good idea yet poorly managed. Soon there will be no more working class it will only be the poor and the rich if we continue on this vicious cycle of "PARTIE HARDIE" - for there is "no heart" anymore in majority of republicans. There are only a few republicans who still think like a democrat - KUDOS to them. God Bless Us All....
Comment by Momi on October 26, 2008 at 6:16am
Another thing is Pailin is from Alaska that is not in an economical crisis like the rest of the nation and is from oil money so she cannot possibly think of the middle income families that are struggling. and will struggle. Soon it seems there will only be the rich and the middle class. thanks to the republicans and their constant support for big business on the backs of the middle class. I do not believe in that. I respect all opinions on the subject....

In my ten year old son's class, It was boys against girls on the issue Obama vs. McCain....the girls wanted McCain and the boys wanted Obama..they got into a yelling match about it and I asked my son why and he said because Mc Cain is going to draft them all into war when they get to be that age. I thought it was interesting so I asked him why did the girls want McCain and he said because there lives aren't on the line....if you ask me, the teacher should have moderated a debate about it. Instead, she sent them to the office and got them all into trouble about it.. So I go to pick up my son from school and she (the vp) walks up to my car, and tells me she wants to talk to me. I told her, I already know about the yelling match and that I told my son, to stand firm on his point and don't apologize. lol! So she said, is just opinions anyway...So I told her, "actually,. it is not only an opinion of the boys....there lives are on the line so I can see why they were having a yelling match over their lives...If they didn't care they would just go with the flow. It was stupid that they didn't follow up on the issue. They treat our kids in school like they don't matter. It is horrible.
Comment by Momi on October 26, 2008 at 6:09am
I might be putting myself on the line here but yes, I do! and yes, I am voting for Obama cause I do not trust McCain or Pailing from her 150,000 dollar wardrobe to her firing of a deputy in Alaska cause he refused to fire her in laws boyfriend from the police force. It was really funny though I was talking to my friend from Alaska...she was talking about how much she loves Pailin and how much of a family person she (Pailin) is...then after I told her all the stuff they were investigating on her (cause she doesn't like to watch tv anymore) etc....She got upset and said, "you are changing my image of her" lol~! cracked me up. Then she said, come to think of it, she is from oil money and was only in her governors seat for a year before McCain asked her to run. McCain did that to get the women votes and you can clearly see that she cannot handle anything...She was chosen to stand behind McCain and smile and look pretty, not talk. LOL! I would never vote for a president like that. and I only vote so I have a right to! So she then said that McCain wanted Pailin not only to get the women voters but also to open drilling for oil in conservation lands in Alaska. Talk about greedy alternative motives...he sounds just like Bush to me. I believe it is the other way around....from my perspective, McCain is going to continue the war and send all of our kids into it to be eaten by the wolves...

So after we were talking about Pailin my friend tells me, "we can't have Obama for president (granted she doesn't vote cause she isn't interested in voting) and I said, "why?" so she said. "cmon now, with a name like "hussein?" so I said ya what about it? She said, that is lame of a comment. Not all people named mohamed, hussein, or alibaba are terrorist. I don't see him as terrorist at all. If he is a muslim I respect that and do not hold anything against a whole religion. So after our conversation....I wanted to vote for Obama more. I'm going to be turning in my absentee voter too cause I will be off island for the elections.
Comment by Ululani on October 25, 2008 at 9:31am
Yeah.. my twin sister Lisa is voting for Senator Obama LOL It shows how while we are similar... we can also differ but for me it's partly based on the Akaka Bill. I no like get cursed by my kupuna das why. So far... so good LOL
Comment by Kaapuikinaea on October 25, 2008 at 9:21am
Funny though how people choose whomever they choose based on..well, anything really. And vice versa like that lady at the cleaners who said Obamais not good b/c of religion. lol But oh well, to each his own.
Comment by Ululani on October 25, 2008 at 9:18am
WTH? LOL Well I read and heard some people saying that Obama is Muslim but to me... what does it matter what his religion is? I really couldn't care less if he was Muslim but some people do the same thing to Gov Palin too... ridiculing her for her Christian beliefs. Sorry I have to laugh though that some people are making any kine about religion. They are all entitled to believe in whatever God(s) they choose. It is typical though of some people in the U.S. and beyond as in... so superficial LOL
Comment by Kaapuikinaea on October 25, 2008 at 8:20am
Now I know what to do if ever I have to "amaze" you. lol BTW, the Persian lady who does my dry cleaning told me a few days about the country turning Muslim, in relation to Obama of course. lol

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