Since 1842, the Hawaiian Kingdom entered into treaties with major nations of the world and had established over ninety consulates in those countries, including the US.

The Hawaiian Kingdom in fact had a consulate in San Francisco and an embassy in Washington, DC until the illegal overthrow of Queen Lili`uokalani by the US.

Here Are Just A Few Countries That Recognized The Independence Of Hawai`i -

Austria-Hungary in 1875

Belgium in 1862

Denmark in 1846

France 1846 and 1857

Germany in 1879

Great Britain in 1836, 1846 and 1851

Italy in 1863

Japan in 1871 and 1886

Netherlands in 1862

Portugal in 1882

Russia in 1869

Samoa in 1887

Spain in 1863

Swiss Confederation in 1864

Sweden and Norway in 1852

United States in 1849, 1870, 1875, 1883, 1884

To This Day Not One Of These Treaties Has Ever Been Officially Repudiated!

Another Reason The Hawaiian Kingdom Still Exists

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