In Response to: "US role in the..." ATTEMPTED "dethronement of our Queen."

Aloha mai kaua,

I was just reading over your article and I found some of your points very interesting in relationship with the attempted overthrow of our nation by Thurston and his league of gutless terrorist fiends. The newspapers from old, including New York Times as well as some papers in San Francisco leave us clues to the co-conspirators mingling about at that time. It leaves us with that feeling in our na'au that the extremities in which they act are guided by their inherent greed and lust to gang rape our motherland.

I wanted to bring up a few points myself to share with you a conversation a friend and I had last evening concerning the Treaty of Reciprocity in accordance with the attempted overthrow of the Hawaiian nation. In interpreting the dialogue between Kalakaua circa 1884-1887 with the United States Secretary of State Baynard, there is a discrepancy over Article I and Article II of the convention of 1884 between the United States and Ko Hawaii Pae 'Aina.

Article II reads:

"His Majesty the King of the Hawaiian Islands grants to the Government of the United States the exclusive right to enter the harbor of the Pearl River in the Island of Oahu, and to establish and maintain there a coaling and repair station for the use of vessels of the United States, and to that end the United States may improve the entrance to said harbor and do all other things needful to the purpose aforesaid."

What is interesting about Article II of this convention is the language used to describe the United States Government's need for presence here in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor. Their presence in Hawaii is only to utilize Pearl Harbor as a coaling and repair station. Nothing more. If Hawaii were to allow Pearl Harbor to be used anything more than a means for coaling and repair, which history has shown that they have illegally occupied and acted against our treaties of neutrality existing with more than a dozen other nations, those treaties of neutrality would call our allies to intervene in our national defense on the basis of the U.S. Military's continued occupation and break of international foreign policy.

In looking at the United States strategic and manipulative efforts to gain our nation state in treaty clause almost six and a half years before their attempted overthrow, it purports to confer their third-party conspiracy to aid and abet individuals of American Immigrant descent having naturalized themselves as Hawaiian Nationals to engage in acts of espionage, heresy, and treason for the purpose U.S. Military gain.

Hence the gang rape of our motherland.

Kalakaua was quick to respond to this clouded intent at occupying our nation state in 1887 and feeling the growing tension of the political thrust of the U.S. he opened the legislative session with a statement before Hawaiian Legislature in public record to state any discrepancies that the U.S. may have had in the language concerning the articles of the convention of 1884.

This statement was given before the Bayonet Constitution of 1887.

His Majesty states:

"I take great pleasure in informing you that the Treaty of Reciprocity with the United States of America has been definitely extended for seven years upon the same terms as those in the original treaty, with the addition of a clause granting to national vessels of the United States the exclusive privilege of entering Pearl River Harbor and establishing there a coaling and repair station. This has been done after mature deliberation and the interchange between my Government and that of the United States of an interpretation of the said clause whereby it is agreed and understood that it does not cede any territory or part with or impair any right of sovereignty or jurisdiction on the part of the Hawaiian Kingdom and that such privilege is coterminous with the treaty."

Upon his majesty delivering his address to the Hawaiian Legislature the United States Secretary of State was quick to respond as such to show good faith to the Hawaiian Kingdom that the United States did not have such intent to infringe upon the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Nation with the discrepancy of the language stated in the articles from that convention.

Secretary Baynard's statement on December 8, 188t7 in response to Kalakaua's address to the Hawaiian Legislative body reads:

"No ambiguity or obscurity in that amendment is observable, and I can discern therein no subtraction from Hawaiian Sovereignty over the harbor to which it relates nor any language importing a longer duration for the interpolated Article II than is provided for in article I of the supplementary convention.

"I therefor trust that it will be treated as it is tendered in simple good faith and accepted without doubt or hesitation."

Six and a half years later, almost a year to the end of the seven year agreement upon articles mentioned in the convention allowing the U.S. Government vessels to utilize Pearl Harbor as a coaling and mining station, Kalakaua was dead, Queen Liliuokalani was imprisoned within her own palace, and martial law was set upon our nation with a presence of United States Marines and Navy in Pearl Harbor.

Contradicting all of their intentions of "good faith" and "trust" that such articles would be followed without intent to infringe upon our sovereignty. In conclusion leaving our nation to be stuck with the continued foot print of U.S. Military occupation in our nation state. I wanted to leave you with one more quote that I pulled off of a website that you would really love to check out, as it lists in detail some of the points that I have mentioned in full.

"The illegitimate oligarchy unlawfully orchestrated an illegal fix of trade on Jan. 17, 1893 by using the ploy of a “military threat” against the Neutral Nation of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina. This “threat” kept the nation “quite” while they falsely entered key minister positions to gain access to lucrative trade deals and the silver and gold coffers belonging to the nationals of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina. The disguise of an alleged “overthrow” was used as a concealment of the fraud taking place for purposes of stealing the world’s most profitable trade and for accessing silver and gold before the planned bankruptcy of the United States in 1899. Fortunately, none of the fraud has any effect to the legitimate nation of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina today and that nation is not bankrupted as the United States and their corporations, municipalities, etc. are to date. Ko Hawaii Pae Aina reserves the right to refuse entry into compact with any de facto party."

Mahalo e ho'opulapula e na kupuna o Ko Hawaii Pae 'Aina. Aloha.

Hale Mawae
Eo Lono!

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