We remember the life of Kanalu Young, one of Hawai`i’s most remarkable Kanaka Maoli warriors, who recently passed away.

Kanalu was not only a learned professor of history, but also a role model for others.

During his later years even though bedridden, he continued his work from home, meeting with everyone from students to dignitaries.

We’ve often said Voices of Truth is all about showcasing those who strive to create a brighter future for Hawai`i and inspire others to do the same. We can think of no better example than our friend Kanalu.

So we present this week a special Voices of Truth version of Hawaiian Superman, our visit with him, which we dedicate to his memory.

Kanalu not only lives on in us all, but also shows us how we can follow his amazing example on Voices Of Truth – One-On-One With Hawai`i’s Future.

MONDAY, August 29th At 6:30 PM Maui – Akaku, Channel 53
MONDAY, August 29th At 7:00 PM & FRIDAY, September 3rd At 5:30 PM - Hawai`i Island – Na Leo, Channel 53
“Kawainui Magic – A Visit With Chuck “Doc” Burrows”

What is it about Kawainui marsh that’s so irresistible? Certainly the unparalleled beauty and ecological importance, but there’s something else. Join us as we visit with long time Kawainui caretaker Chuck “Doc” Burrows as he explains the marsh’s deep cultural history and reveals why it’s a special place like no other. Watch It Here.

THURSDAY, September 2nd At 8:30 PM & FRIDAY, September 3rd At 8:30 AM Kaua`i – Ho`ike, Channel 52
“Coming Full Circle – A Visit With Sam Ka`ai”

A Kanaka Maoli practitioner extraordinaire, Sam Ka`ai is a Pacific voyager and cultural ambassador, who’s devotion to keeping alive the ancient ways of old Hawai`i is truly beyond compare, who, when in his presence, time seems to stand still and the ancestors come forth and speak. Watch It Here.

SATURDAY, September 4th At 8:00 PM O`ahu, `Olelo, Channel 53
“Hawaiian Superman – Remembering Kanalu Young”

Superman really does exist. Kanalu was not only quadriplegic, but professor of Hawaiian history at the University of Hawai`i and Director of the Masters Program at the Center For Hawaiian Studies, See for yourself why this remarkable Kanaka Maoli warrior was Hawai`i’s Superman. Watch It Here.

Voices Of Truth interviews those creating a better future for Hawai`i to discover what made them go from armchair observers to active participants. We hope you’ll be inspired to do the same.

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