Pics from Founders' Day courtesy of the Kamehameha Schools Alumni Association East Coast region in Maryland

The only reason why I attend any functions (social or otherwise) is to be in the presence of great people like Mrs. Gerry Johansen who epitomizes THE legacy. I am very biased because some people didn't help my younger brother Aukai who was equally indigent as us three. Likewise... I am equally indignant when it comes to pilau. Nonetheless LOL... while it can be EXTREMELY difficult for me to overlook some pilau I do so out of respect for everyone who was ever kind and COMPASSIONATE to me when I was super poor.

I show up out of respect for THEM because if it wasn't for Keelikolani, Pauahi, Bishop, my kupuna, etc I would still be living in POVERTY. Therefore I GO.

It was a one hour and 30 minute drive.

With that stated here are some pics from today that I took with my crappy digital camera:

I am in AWE of Mrs. Gerry Johansen and yes I told her, "Thank you for all that you do."

To me she epitomizes THE legacy. I am in awe of her. Ever since I was on FULL financial aid at Kamehameha Schools she treated me as though I MATTERED even though I was SUPER poor unlike SOME people who treated me as though I was invisible LOL

The headmasters of the Hawai'i and Maui campuses showed up. I could tell that 1) They were warm and 2) That they CARE. Both of which matters to me. I asked them only one question and that is that while I attended the Kamehameha Schools in Honolulu I was not required to study Hawaiian there. At their schools is the Hawaiian language required? LOL

Because to separate a Hawaiian child from their mother tongue is to try to brainwash them against their kupuna. The headmaster of the Maui campus, Dr. DeLima, told me that they are required to take Hawaiian 1 then she told me that my question is a good question... and I agree. It IS a good question *LOL*

Dr. Fortuna seems down to earth and humble. Dr. DeLima seems as though she GENUINELY cares as well so I was impressed by both. I have worked in the white collar field for years so I can detect B.S. very easily. I can also tell if someone is only trying to add to their resume instead of REALLY caring about Hawaiian children. From my gauge they seem to GENUINELY care.

Though to my DISMAY the Hawaiian language is still not required at the O'ahu campus, my assessment of what they are doing at the Hawai'i and Maui campuses is a positive one. Doctors Fortuna and DeLima seem to GENUINELY care about Hawaiian children so I am happy to see others who are like Mrs. Gerry Johansen because I do not care what people know. However I DO care if people CARE. They seem to GENUINELY care which is cool.

Anyway I am really happy about how the Hawai'i and Maui campuses are incorporating and evolving along with adapting tools that are available. Though I still worry about other less fortunate Hawaiians and will ALWAYS worry about other less fortunate Hawaiians because some people only think about demselves *LOL*... I remain hopeful and optimistic for those Hawaiian children coming after us.

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