I just finished working on Early Voters walk-in vote. I can't believe they hired me. I don't vote and it is like the Fox guarding the Hen House. The new machine for paper ballot is like a large paper shedder. There is a Video called Voter Fraud, which actually catches League of Women Voters casting ballots to change the voter count. They have the chads in their lap. All this is on tape. The new computer machine has a paper tape inside, yeah like they are going to use that information to do a re-count. The new vendor is HART, the former vendor was ESSI. The votes are rigged, any way by paper, or Computer. Voting is a waste of paper. After the primary election boxes of ballots must be dumped, can not use again. What happen to Paper Reduction Act?
And when you sign in they ask for your Social Security Number, don't give them.
Something got to be done before Dec.9th, 2009, they are going to make Kanaka Maoli into wards of the state, no independance, no soveriengty.
Personally if Mahealani and Hawaiian Kingdom Government can get us out from the hole, let's do it. Somebody needs to get us out from Occupation by United states. Any body that can get us out I will support. And after that if things get bad just vote them out. Hopefully your vote will count this time.
I am willing to humble myself to work together and restore the Kingdom.
If the Akaka Bill which is on for Dec.9th, 2009 gets passed it's over for me. They are going to put me on a reservation in the middle of the ocean, make me take care of Casinos and sell tabacco and liquor. No more Aloha, no more Hawaiian.

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Comment by Momi on September 27, 2008 at 10:56pm
Wow Mark,

Good insight look at the voting system...I agree we need to do something to rerecognize our occupied nation...It is a hopeless kind of feeling...Asserting our soveriegnty seems to be the only thing that will get us out however I'm not sure if I agree with Mahealani. I don't know her and can't trust that she would be able to represent all. It would be good if she was on maoliworld and could state her perspective of things but yes, I agree with you. I think the voting is reiged as well. It is a corrupt state...nation the u.s. I agree flat tire.

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