What Kanaka owns the Royal Patent under the Kealani Fairmont Hotel in Wailea Maui?

It's been a really good past week. My computer broke down so I haven't been able to get on, well I checked my email on my daughter's laptop but I couldn't do any research or anything like that that can take up hours of my time.
It's a good thing. Since I didn't have my computer I was able to realize how unbalanced I was making my life. Without the computer I was able to catch up with my wash, concentrate on what I eat, and most importantly, spend time with my children, the very reason I do all that I do. We've been going to the beach like every day and it's been fabulous!!! I took some pictures of them on rocks overlooking the ocean of which I'll post later. They like to go and find little private spots where they meditate and reflect on life. It's really quite cool. They cross their legs and do the hand thing and all! I Love it! No pics, that's their private time.

We usually go to Polo Beach because before we leave we like to go and watch the honu and say our goodbye's for the day. On our way to and from and while we're walking the beach my children will ask me "Who owns the Royal Patent under the hotels? I say "that's a good question" we'll research it more after we get our computer fixed. In the meantime, Rel wrote down all the names of the hotels and villages up and down Wailea Alanui.

This was supposed to be a big research project where we locate the families that own the Royal Patents and let them know about it in the event they would like to vest it up. We decided that if the first family we contact doesn't want to take it on we would find another family. Then we thought, hmmm, we know that humans being humans, if the second family takes it on and succeeds and starts collecting rent for the use of their land and maybe a percentage of the profits that the hotels make well, of course, after the first family we approach hears about it they're going to want to jump on the bandwagon too! That doesn't seem fair to me and I'm sure there are rules in place for that as well.

Anyway, the search was really short. There's already a koe nae out on Honuaula which includes the ahupua'a of Palauea and Paeahu which is where most of the resorts are. We are in the process of picking 3 committe members so we can start moving on our 2 acres. I'm really excited about that! I'd really love to be on my own land within 1 year.

Yea so, we don't ask them to vacate or anything like that. We just inform them that we (Kanaka Maoli) are the owners of the land their property is on and we will be collecting rent. If they aren't in agreement they can then vacate the property and we can put the hotel up for another company to run.

The point is, Kanaka Maoli do not have to ask for anything in the archipelago of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina. We don't have to beseech the de facto State of Hawaii for anything. They will soon be gone. They have nothing to give us, not even air. So it's pointless.

No other country is committing the fraud that the United States of America (not the united states of America) is commiting. They're so cunning in how they commit the fraud and the web they weaved is so catching.

Please be aware Native Hawaiians, native Hawaiians, Hawaiians, Hawaii Nationals, do not hold any Palapala Sila Nui or Palapala Hooko in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina. Only Kanaka Maoli's hold Palapala Sila Nui and Palapala Hooko. For that matter the Kingdom of Hawaii does not hold any Palapala Sila Nui or Palapala Hooko in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina.

Kingdom = monarchy

Had Ko Hawaii Pae Aina been a monarchy we would have been overthrown. As it stands we were a Constitutional Monarchy.

Information overflow...10-4

I didn't think all of this up myself. I take classes given by Mahealani Ventura Oliver, the only one in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina that has been able to bring East Maui Irrigation (EMI) to their knees with a refund check to her family because they couldn't prove clear title to her ohana's land. They now enjoy their land AND they have the water but that doesn't seem to be sinking into very many heads. We seem to believe (because that's what the de facto wants us to believe) that we have to send letters of support, to who? A private for profit plundering corporation who owns nothing! Not even air! But they have us misled really really well and locked in. We gotta unlock it man.

You know, Mayor Arakawa, when he was Mayor here on Maui. He tried to stare Mahealani down and force her to say the TMK number of the aina. She would not. His face turned beet red with anger. When you give the TMK it is their jurisdiction. We give the Palapala Sila Nui or Palapala Hooko helu.

Mahealani is frickin awesome!!! My favorite that she says? "Bring it on"

If anyone reads this and gets it they can learn more about the jurisdiction of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina and law literacy for Maoli by going to this website:


Once there you can order 2 CD's on the classes they are $5.00 each plus shipping through their contact page. Just say you want to order the CD's of the Jurisdiction and Law Literacy for Maoli CD's.

Here's to vesting up your Palapala Sila Nui and Palapala Hooko!

Hint: Why do we have homeless Kanaka Maoli? Because we are led to believe that we are a landless people with no power on our own aina. Bull Shit!

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Comment by Mana Kaleilani Caceres on December 23, 2008 at 11:20am
mahalo nui loa for this information.
Comment by rel on September 22, 2008 at 11:22am
U R absalutley Right!
this is is is OUR LAND not theirs!!!!!!!!

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