Aloha ia kakou pakahi apau loa aku, here is this weeks update and tidbits,

First, mahalo to all for believing in yourselves!!


This past Sunday, many po'e came by to pick up palapala koe nae and to pick up audio CD's made to take the place of classes that we could not hold because of the lack of room. The General Classes and Law Literacy classes were cancelled the first two Sundays of Sept. & Oct. However we are having papa molaki available only to those on the list, mahalo. In November, we are back on track with the Big Room - starting on November 9th.

On November 2, 2008 we will be on Kauai giving class there.


We will have new palapala koe nae in November! Koolau moku will be next, so we can wrap up Haleakala. Make sure that the return comes to the registry for scanning and filing on Cd, we have gotten quitre few back that need a simple adjustment - write Trustee after your names and be consistent on each and every name, please.


We had a terrific Show this morning on 1110 AM KAOI and decided to make copies of it, we will make availlable at classes too. It was on the establishment of original jurisdiction or domain - we all live in it, but do we know it? ko Hawaii pae aina. Love it.


There is a new Hui in town, it is called the "Hui Kakoo" and serves as a six person team that will provide necessary guidance to those poe that are in papa molaki, needing extra guidance. Caveat - do not contact to simply avoid kuleana. The lead in the hui is our own Josie Carson, brilliant and awesome!! I have to say here, that she is a maikai example of success and we are fortunate to have her share. The menehune will forward a list of those that need extra ooompph. This hui can also give usggestions on the palapala koe nae.


Upcomong classes: HAWAIIIAN KUIKI - QUILTING CLASS open to all interested, please see the website for material list! see you there on Sept. 27, 2008 at 8:30AM - gift is 25 units of energy. See the website for the classes and workshops coming up;-)


The Naomi Campbell opinion letter, sounds like...... but not close and obvious to the reader, off in left field as compared with what we share. Here is my two-cents: As a loan officer, the author may be hearing things about people's processes dealing with the securities fall out (mortgage collapses) and naturally feels threatened because the alternative could make loan, mortgage and real estate industries obsolete some day. Moving on!


If you tune in tonight, you can watch Cindy and Jeremiah Naone being interviewed on the EMI - East Maui Irrigation situation affecting stream flow, and I get to share my Check and how EMI was brought to their lilly-livered, quavering, pasty, little girlie- knees!!!! anyway - tune in to watch Channel 53, Akaku at 7PM. tonight!!!

We will burn DVD's for those who want to watch the show and don't have cable.
ke hoomanao nei ia:

me ka haahaa,
Ka hale kakau hoike ana
o ko Hawaii pae aina
c/o: 310 Hookahi St. C-206
Wailuku, Maui ko Hawaii pae aina

kukamalu, by appointment only.

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