Some of the reasons Kanaka can take land away

A forward about Land Title in Hawai'i--very good background
topic posted Fri, June 24, 2005 - 10:33 AM by Hunakai

In response to the drivel about our lands being been "taken":

There is no record of acquisition of jurisdiction of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina by the U.S. or the "state" of Hawaii. There has only been one legal passage of title; both legal and beneficial -- they are one in the same. That took place during the Mahele Aina. ONCE and ONLY ONE TIME. (mahele means to share in our language - the word Ka'awale means to "divide")

No General Recording Act exists
No Comity granted by either nation
No legitimate transfer of millions of Royal Patents; joint or otherwise
No Absolute Monarchy to wield deprivation powers
No recorded proclamation
No treaty
None. No record. Nada.

By the record below, the U.S. has no title or legitimate claim. Why quitclaim Kahoolawe to the "state" if you own the legal title? Yes. quitclaimed, I was there.
The U.S. claims use and occupation by virtue of acts created by the republic; August 15, 1895, August 12, 1898, JRT: July 7, 1898 negotiated in 1897.

The U.S. is a business partner to the Republic - still a 'club' of select members enjoying privileges of the U.S. as a "state." Read their constitutions very, very good. The Land has never been taken and people that say such things, are ignorant of the facts and laws that govern.

Do not use the word "overthrow" either - legal definition is - "conquer." That never took place here and you should know the elements of that act; did not and do not exist at all, same with a "republic" being formed -- never happened. Who is feeding the drivel out there to the people? Same guys; agitators called experts from the U.S. sent her to "help."

The Akaka bill only serves to cloud the issue even more - correct it and send the finished copy to congress of the U.S. for review. Do something about it, now before they pile on more cr*&.

Thanks for reading my two cents;-)

O wau iho no,
Mahealani Ventura-Oliver

Land Title Examiner & Paralegal
The Title Wave, Inc.
Ko Hawaii Pae Aina
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