A Tribute to Hamana Kalili - "Shaka" sign

Hamana Kalili
by Marilyn Foniomoana

A great Hawiian Chief was he,
This man Hamana Kalili.
Three fingers from his hand were gone
Undaunted still he carried on.
He was the guard on the old train
Which transported sugar cane
From fields to the sugar mill,
Old timers here remember still
Of warning their friends not to take
Cane from his train, and so they'd make
Their hand to look like his and wave
To those ahead and so they'd save
Their friends from tangling with this man
This Hawaiian with his earthy tan.
His boat was at Laie Bay
He mended nets on many a day.
He'd share his catch with all he met
Who came to "huki" on his net.
A tsunami threatened once to take
Away his boat-house. For it's sake
He braced himself and as waves beat
Against his shed, he kept his feet
Firmly placed upon the shore
'Til storm was gone, and waves no more.
His mighty strength had saved his shed.
His fishing boat, his nets and led
All who knew him to admire
This man of strength and inner fire.
Another day he challenged eight
Samoans, husky, tall and great,
To take an end of rope.
He took the other. Could he hope
To beat them in a tug-o-war?
All pulled hard and tried to score.
The mid point moved to left and right.
Hamana then began to fight,
He pulled them over to his side.
The yells and cheers would not subside.
This champion of island fame
Again was victor in this game.
His right hand he held up high.
He'd wave at all who passed him by.
The "sign" he could not help but make
Became familiar. No mistake!
It started then with this great man.
For truth, it's how "Hang Loose" began
Next time the "Shaka" sign you see,
Remember Hamana Kalili.

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Comment by Mo'iwale Kala'iakea Hu'eu on July 3, 2008 at 7:48pm
Comment by Pono Kealoha on July 3, 2008 at 6:37pm
Kewl :)

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