The Office Of Hawaiian Affairs will actually be putting Hawaiians and others on the street creating more homelessness in Hawai`i.

In 2010, their plans to spend millions of beneficiary dollars to build new headquarters in Kakaako include the demolition of a former warehouse now used to shelter the homeless near Point Panic on O`ahu.

How does spending more beneficiary money on themselves and putting people on the streets contribute towards serving Hawaiians?

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Comment by HALE O KEAWE-A-HEULU aka: NAIHE on July 1, 2008 at 9:09am
Hanaloa, I hear your voice as well as Free Hawaii. I see surface things, there is a much more bigger picture underlying here. The state has their grips on OHA when it comes to land issues and their past contracts. OHA should step up and provide a statement as to why they are doing what they are doing. As natives we should be provided answers instead of making assumptions - it's smarter to have the enemy speak when there is division. Then we can make sure their word is their word and then we can judge their fruits (their labors). It's a better approach in keeping peace and yet still holds them as accountable. Although OHA has their so-called list which is actually housed by Hawai'i Maoli, a native hawaiian organization under the umbrella of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs, their system isn't fool proof. Example, my daughter applied for scholarship funding with Hawaii Community Foundation for any and all native hawaiian college scholarships. Although initially she was registered under Hawaii Maoli aka: Kau Inoa, there is no record of this in OHA of her hawaiian ancestry registry. Hawaii Maoli has this list, not OHA. They are two separate entities. So here you have 2 different entities so is it two separate nations? Hawaii Maoli and OHA needs to clarify their relationship whether or not it should be UnKau Inoa. We have to get to the bottom and the truth without speculation. Hawaiians like me need and want the straight up, the truth as everything to me is speculation until I see this. Pointing out mistakes of people is not truth, pointing out flaws in political issues is where I look at things and make decisions. No disrespect here. I'm a hawaiian that thinks things through and what ifs every thing. I was jokingly told by Keanu Sai that "that kind of hawaiian can be dangerous" and we both laughed at his joke because innately we knew what it meant to us. So the issue is truth and no speculation that is why more information is better - no disrespect to Free Hawaii, no disrespect to Maoli, no disrespect to Hanaloa. I would like for us to discuss in peace and respect each other's thinking. I like your response but it isn't much meat for me to chew...I want more without picking someone or some entity. I've told you of a flaw of OHA and Hawaii Maoli in my experience but I didn't cut them down. I don't believe in bringing down someone or some entity because in the end they will come down by themselves because if they are not truthful Ke Akua will bring them to their knees for that is how the law of mana works. A lot of times warriors would just wait for the enemy to make a mistake and then go in for the kill or sometimes withdraw for another day as they wait to take down the leader of the enemy. As koko, I see maoli against maoli in whispers. The outside sees us as not knowing what we are doing because all they hear is noise and decension among us koko. One day if we all come together without a leader but as a group with their own leaders of maoli citizens we can make this work. We must put everything on the table and make a list of a handful of things to see if there is commonality, have a voted mediated non bias speaker for the whole. We have Free Hawaii as our media or is there other forms of maoli media? My big picture is, we have a one voice one group of maoli (some come in their own groups) individuals, etc; we have a media group or groups providing information to maoli and then we have a start of a nation building; the beauty of this is not being listed at all. When the time comes we list as we should if need be on voting issues of common goals for the benefit of maoli past, present and future. As the US is trying to be mediator to the islamic land - it's like we could be just like them but we are only a number we are not government funded or funded self sufficiently by our own economy. If we had all that because we started from scratch then we would have movement and power and powers that be.

I look at all the open space we currently have along our Kohala Coast line and I see all the ports maoli utilized for trading. What a time that was and my bigger thinking, if we used these landings available on all islands, we could again trade goods and create our own economy around agriculture (vegetables, piglets, etc). There are current laws that protect us as maoli to do this. We can not be regulated if we are trading goods. If there are laws, we can surely go around it there is always a way around laws that do not and should not govern koko because our Queen made sure of this and it has never changed. Anyway, I seem to be getting off subject here in my "exhale" moment and if I don't stop now I'll keep going on....LOL.

Take care and blessings, A Hui Hou! Kekepania
Comment by Hanaloa on July 1, 2008 at 4:57am
aloha kakou!

i think the main point here is that OHA will be displacing a homeless shelter with an unnecessary office building...i believe that the homeless shelter in question was run by the far as i know, there are no alternatives for the homeless who will be affected, and if you think an office building today will help the homeless tomorrow, i have some hot property on the south-east rift zone iʻd like to sell you! whatever OHAʻs reasons, we know from their long track record that they only help those who will promote their agenda...just look at a list of grantees and compare it with a list of groups that support the a Kaka bill and kau`inoa...OHA is all to similar to the BIA and if the a Kaka bill goes their way, things will get even worse...and another sad thing is that most Hawaiians who are supporting OHA, a Kaka bill and kau`inoa are doing so because they believe that their entitlements will be protected...if you havenʻt done so, please read the latest version of the a Kaka bill and compare it with the hype you hear from OHAʻs cheerleaders...OHA is pushing this so-called "nation-building" intiative so hard because its leaders stand to gain even more power and control over beneficiary lands and assets....

Me ka `oia`i`o,
Comment by HALE O KEAWE-A-HEULU aka: NAIHE on June 30, 2008 at 6:19pm
(continued) is sad as far as their time frames. OHA is scrambling to meet these deadlines even with meetings they provide for native hawaiians to make comment. My concern with most of the properties given by the state government is where they are putting our koko. If I was listed and received these lands on their lottery, I would do a research 150 years back if needed to see if they are in a flood zone. You can check on the USGS maps or ask the old timers of the area of any 30, 50, 100, or 150 year mark disasters of an area. One skilled in looking at the land, knowing also the name of the land before is was renamed is important. With so much development, our government has allowed (whether private or government) diversion of our water to make room for infrastructure. Water can give life yes, but it can take life too if you don't know your piece of the aina you are being put on. It is a property owners right to know what they are "getting into" before making that commitment. Disclosures? What title company goes back 150 years to disclose information on the property let alone a clear title? So, you must do our own research with oldtimers and the stories from the past. I am not a HHL beneficiary because I have a place to live - that was my father's thinking too....let those that don't have, have a share of it because there are too many "without".
Comment by HALE O KEAWE-A-HEULU aka: NAIHE on June 30, 2008 at 6:09pm
I would like to hear more on this. My understanding (whether it is right or wrong of OHA) is that all these lands they MUST do something with it on a permanent basis or it will be taken back by the state government; part of the clause with the land that has been allotted in their past contract. Let's see if by putting in a new headquarters if it will then provide shelter for the displaced in the long run at another location. If there was some kind of an official agreement with the homeless I sure hope they have alternative plans. If the homeless are squatters then it's a different "political" issue. There MUST be a logical reason and I would like to know more about what Free Hawaii has found out. I've gone to past meetings they held on our island and asked specific questions with their consultant on land issues. OHA has a responsibility to start infracture on all if not most of their land given to them on their last (was it an only one too?) land deal of "giving it back" to the native hawaiians. There is actually a target deadline which is why you see on TV of the new developments completed or starting. In my opinion, the dates the state government provided in the contract

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