Mahalo to all who expressed interest in the upcoming Hawai`i National constitutional convention we featured on Free Hawai`i TV this last week.

Remember, this con-con is for all the people of Hawai`i, not just some. All are encouraged to educate themselves and participate. It’s about everyone’s future, not just some.

Now there’s a brand new website with more information coming soon – HawaiianConstitutionalConvention.com

We have a brand new Voices Of Truth this week about one of Hawai`i’s dirty little secrets right in front of us – the shocking number of Hawaiians in prison and the fact that more than half of all of Hawai`i’s inmates have been shipped out to privately run institutions in the US.

Prisoner rights advocate Kat Brady tells us the sad truth about Hawai`i’s forgotten.

Hear her important message for us all this week on Voices Of Truth Voices Of Truth – One-On-One With Hawai`i’s Future.

MONDAY, June 30th At 7:00 PM & FRIDAY, July 4th At 5:30 PM Hawai`i Island – Na Leo, Channel 53
“The Health Of Our Nation – A Visit with Dr. Kawika Liu”

Native Hawaiian pediatrician, Kawika knows the people’s health is directly tied to the health of the land. Talking about the direct physical effects of the illegal US occupation, Dr Liu shows how a Free Hawai`i is such a large part of the solution. Hear what a truly healthy Hawai`i and it’s people could be like. Watch It Here Now -

MONDAY, June 30th At 6:30 PM Maui – Akaku, Channel 53
THURSDAY, July 3rd At 8:30 PM & FRIDAY, July 4th At 8:30 AM
Kaua`i – Ho`ike, Channel 52
“Kukulu Kumu Hana O Punalu`u – A Visit With Sheryl Waimakalani Iona”

Kukulu kumu hana, which means to pool one’s thoughts to solve common problems, brings children together in a two week immersion program to discover who they are and their connection to the `aina. Sheryl tells us, “We share with them who we see they’ll become. They always end up being it, having pride in themselves, their culture and their ancestors.” Watch It Here Now -

SATURDAY, July 5th At 8:00 PM O`ahu - `Olelo, Channel 53
“Nothing Can Grow There – A Visit With Kat Brady”

Why are so many Hawaiians behind bars and being shipped out to privately run US prisons in Arizona and Kentucky? Did you know more than half of Hawai`i’s prison population is now on the US continent? You’ll be shocked when you hear why. Discover why Kat says, “the government’s not going to fix these things – it will be the people.” Watch It Here Now -

Voices Of Truth interviews those creating a better future for Hawai`i to discover what made them go from armchair observers to active participants. We hope you’ll be inspired to do the same.

If you support our issues on the Free Hawai`i Broadcasting Network, please email this to a friend to help us continue. A donation today helps further our work. Every single penny counts.

Donate here via PayPal or by mail –
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Comment by HALE O KEAWE-A-HEULU aka: NAIHE on June 30, 2008 at 5:54pm
Tonight's program as listed: Dr. Kawika Liu was also one of our MANY expert witnesses we used in our week long hearings with DNLR in March, 2008 addressing how our people’s health is directly tied to the health of the land - our fight at PAO'O http://www.kamakani.org/paoo.html

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