Move Leaves Ship Officials Adrift & Embarrassed

Kahului Harbor will be getting a facelift in an $118 million improvement bill by Gov. Linda Lingle.

The State Legislature approved a revenue bond of $124 million earlier this year to help improve harbors statewide.

Much to the chagrin of Hawai`i Superferry CEO Thomas Fargo however, the bill does not include money to build a protected dock for his much-maligned vessel.

Currently using a docking barge that has a propensity for dislodging itself in a heavy winter swell, the Superferry was forced to cancel services for a number of weeks last year and may have to do the same this coming winter.

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Comment by HALE O KEAWE-A-HEULU aka: NAIHE on June 28, 2008 at 11:54am
Oh by the way...It was actually the cruise ships I talked about in the past. They came first (now currently porting off of Hilo and Kona) and now the ferry. Because the ferry needs to set IN the ports and not off the ports like the cruise ships, the impact is worst on our harbors. Because in the past we had ships as our main transportation until airlines came to be, you know it is inevitable - we're not able to fully justify it isn't good for us - but we can justify it will have an impact on our environment. Government must set aside funds to take care of our environment and we as maoli should be able to be caretakers as well (with full funding) on our access to makai and mauka trails, etc . Why? Because there have been talks in the past of having "eco tourism" accessing our ancient trails and making money on a full scale. Now I know there are some maoli whom are doing this on a small scale with abudance. We must still have a say on what areas to access and how. In my opinion, there are some trails & historic sites that should be left alone and untouched, don't pave them or give them an upgrade. Each district (county level) of each island should have a group of hawaiians advocating what should or should not be done to their area; for this is the start of "linking" each other up. Once we do this from district to district then we can come together whether on some level of agreement or not as to how to be a voice for us maoli. I think if we start on the environmental level, the governmental level will fall into place by district boundries...ah...just my thoughts of "rebuilding"..SMILE

Think about it though...we have so many sovereignty groups with different leaders. We go to this meeting and that always finding great
thoughts here and there. It is not JUST our rights as hawaiians to stand for koko, it is FIRST AND FOREMOST, to protect and preserve conservation and open space.

Here in Hawaii County, we petitioned and then was put on ballot whether or not we wanted 2% budget funding of monies set aside to purchase/protect areas of significance. I'm talking about sacred/historic sites; viewplanes, etc. We have the budget here. All other counties should start this. Start with petitions, get resolutions done on county and state levels, etc., then with all this information petition it to go on the ballot. Everyone can vote on this and it would be for the benefit of maoli - preserve & protect. Need people who will go the long run whether koko or not, the more the better for the common good.
Comment by HALE O KEAWE-A-HEULU aka: NAIHE on June 26, 2008 at 10:52pm
Didn't I tell you all they were coming in 2008 & 2009 - actually I think I told this to the Kanakamaoli list which UH started and so I've been told it's probably archived now. Anyway they are here but they were here long before - the first one used for transporting confiscated goods on the federal level. Of course I know none of you knew this I just found this out a while back.

Our Harbor here in Kawaihae on the big island has started its facelift we tried to fight it years ago because we wanted the state to do a federal EIS and not the slack state EA. Although we gave them a show of how we felt years ago, we know they're gonna still have their way - it's inevitable. But we give it a try that's why they haven't bothered us so much on our island for we protested with paperwork unlike the physical protesting work we now see in Maui.

I don't like the fact that it increases pollution to our harbors; will more than likely bring invasive species to attack our native plants or maybe even our homes - got some mean termites now from other countries eating away at our homes these days for although the ferry will travel from island to island, they harbor in ports that are ports to other ships/cargos that circle the globe. Because of this there is a need for the State Harbors division to do a lot more with DOH in making sure we are not to be home to species that will harm our environment in the islands. All we need is just one bag bug which is out of control then our agriculture will be affected. Agriculture is the 2nd goods we have aside from tourism supposedly #1. (And I hear that the house count at the hotels on the Kohala Coast are at 7 - 10 percent and they're having hiring freezes).

Anyway, I actually do like the fact that economically the ferry may be the best transportation for us especially if Go airlines does have some financial difficulties. How else will we be able to visit family which is important in our culture where we have family reunions? I bet if we take a poll, we'll find that when aloha airlines was still in business there was a lot of family reunions on the islands due to the competitive prices. So what do we do as a decision to support or not support?

My organization supports it only if they do a federal EIS why? because this is the best way I can protect our environment, protect our aina. For I do want the use of traveling with my vehicle to other islands to visit 'ohana. I won't do this all the time but I think if we do this we open the markets up to employment for those on islands that are not hiring.

The federal EIS means also that the public is able to provide their mana'o, state ea doesn't fully allow this. Provides a chance for you to voice your concerns for aina for this is what we are to do as maoli - protect and preserve!

Please don't find my words here disrespectful, it is only the truth I speak from experience of fighting issues and a lot of burn outs. We must be the maoli who thinks things through and find a way to our goal without much pain to ourselves but that the issues we raise and how we raise them will have a positive impact for our future - start to make the enemy think we can't be fooled anymore and we're tired of the disrespect which protray us as thinking less of ourselves when in fact we are intelligent peoples who are tired of their games. Changing the thinking like this brings power and in numbers there is strength.

Mahalo for allowing me to share my thoughts.

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