Today I went to the first day of the International Auto/Biography Association conference: Life Writing & Translations. One of the first people I saw and had the pleasure of talking to this morning was Jon Osorio. He asked how I was doing and I told him about packing up my life into boxes and getting ready for one more move. To which he replied, does that mean that you'll be gone for one year? I said, yes, but I'll be back in Sept. and Nov. for retreats in Hilo. Oh, he replied, but you'll be out of reach though, we won't be able to ask you to do anything for an entire year. Then he said, what will I do with my upstart students?

That was a compliment, I think.

Leaving home again.....any thoughts?

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Comment by ʻOhukaniʻōhiʻa on June 24, 2008 at 3:18pm
My ribs will be safe for another year...
Your core ohana will be back together again, and Hiia can jump back into his keikikane relationship with Chad. You will reacquaint with all the things you like about the East.
We will be without direct access to our resource and colleague, and have to deal with upstarts only by threatening them with you "once she gets home."
Of course Jon's comment was a compliment.

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