I'm thrilled and anxious to receive my CD from Smithsonian Folkways...I've long wanted to get this and decided a few days ago to just jump in and purchase this already...I'm sure those who speak 'olelo hawaii with more fluency or study 'oli would appreciate this more - but my appreciation is with a different kind of ear - literally to listen to and hear the voice of my kuku kane - my great-great grandfather Kala Waiwaiole (b. 1860 - 1926).

in my genealogy research i found three references to the fact that he was a noted and respected chanter.

1) :37 second recording available from Smithsonian Folkways
'Ūlei pahu i ka moku
Waiwaiole Kala

Performed by - Waiwaiole Kala - Vocals;

Notes - Waiwaiole Kala, though aware of the use of the chant as a hula pahu and of Keahi Luahine's tradition, performs it without instrumental accompaniment as a hula pua'a (pig dance chant). The text is very similar to that performed by Pukui. This chant is prophetic of the coming of foreigners to Hawai'i and of their overwhelming influence on the Hawaiian. This recording was made in 1923.
Credits - Recorded by Helen Roberts ; Translated by Keahi Luahine ; Translated by Mary Kawena Pukui ; Performed by Kawena Pukui

Source: http://www.folkways.si.edu/trackdetail.aspx?itemid=28597
2) Source: http://www.huapala.org/Chants/Ula_Kalaeloa_I_Ka_Lepo_.html

`Ula Kalaeloa I Ka Lepo A Ka Makani - Traditional

'Ula Kalaeloa i ka lepo a ka makani
Kai ho'onu'anu 'ia 'apua Kalama'ula

'Ike a ku'u mana'o ia'u kula
Hea mai Kaiolohia

'Eu ho'i maua i Ka'ana e
Aloha ia'u ke kula o Niniwai

O'u hoa i Kala'iakamanu e
Manu a hoa laukona i ke kee'lau

Au'a 'ia e ka moe in a ke loha la he 'ai lili ka
Aia ua 'ike au

Red is Kalaeloa with dust raised by the wind
The dust concentrates at Kalama'ula as
though it were a basket

At sight of it I thought of my plain
Kaiolohia calls to me

To return to Ka'ana
In love am I with the plain of Niniwai

With my companions at Kala'iakamanu
Bird companions that shy away among
the leaves

Love that is dreamt of is held back by jealousy
This is known

Source: "Na Mele Welo" Translated by Mary Pûku`i - This poem from Moloka'i was chanted by Kala Waiwaiole of Kapa`a Kaua`i

3) Hula kilelei
Roberts, Helen Heffron 1888-1985 Recording engineer
Kala, Waiwaiole Singer Kapa'a, Kaua'I, Hawaii
Date Recorded: 19230000 haw sound recording
Sung by Waiwaiole Kala of Kapa'a
Library of Congress record data:
AFS 00763 B04
American Folklife Center, Library of Congress

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Comment by Yolanda Crisostomo on June 24, 2008 at 6:10am
Mahalo for sharing this! This is good information for Kanaka doing genealogy research. May I share this on my word press blog? I have a section on Chants and Mele's and in that section I share about Huapala.org but not the other two. This is the link to check the blog:

Kanaka Genealogy

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