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This is dedicated to my little sister, Norma

Mahalo Norma, for your courage, your strength of character, your loving and giving heart, True Aloha!

I Love You! You are my HERO! Words cannot express...

Wind beneath my… Continue

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We are United

I'm watching the video I just uploaded and one of the callers said something that just hit me because it's the truth:

this is in regards to the discussion on GMO's which also relates to massive developments in ko Hawaii Pae Aina in that they use our land, land that they do not own, to make a profit, for just a few. That is not the Kanaka Maoli way. This is what he said, an excerpt:

"they're afraid of us uniting."

Too late, we already are united, we've always… Continue

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Kanaka Maoli Rules

No matter what they may try to pull on us they have not been able to prove any transfer of jurisdiction from Ko Hawaii Pae Aina to the private corporation United States. That being said, what is "illegal" here in the jurisdiction of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina? Who determines what is legal and what is not legal? Kanaka Maoli or the United States. When do Kanaka Maoli finally knock their knees together in response to threats and propaganda waged against our successes?

See Hidalgo Guadalupe… Continue

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Queen Liliuokalani protest annexation olelo

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What Kanaka owns the Royal Patent under the Kealani Fairmont Hotel in Wailea Maui?

It's been a really good past week. My computer broke down so I haven't been able to get on, well I checked my email on my daughter's laptop but I couldn't do any research or anything like that that can take up hours of my time.

It's a good thing. Since I didn't have my computer I was able to realize how unbalanced I was making my life. Without the computer I was able to catch up with my wash, concentrate on what I eat, and most importantly, spend time with my children, the very reason I do… Continue

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Updates and Tidbits

Aloha ia kakou pakahi apau loa aku, here is this weeks update and tidbits,

First, mahalo to all for believing in yourselves!!


This past Sunday, many po'e came by to pick up palapala koe nae and to pick up audio CD's made to take the place of classes that we could not hold because of the lack of room. The General Classes and Law Literacy classes were cancelled the first two Sundays of Sept. & Oct. However we are having papa molaki available only to… Continue

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Law of Aloha

Around the office there is one thing that is required of us and everything else seems to follow naturally and that is to follow "The Law of Aloha."

Of course we're not perfect and sometimes when being firm it is seen as not following "The Law of Aloha."

We receive 100+ telephone calls per day with drop ins at least 10 per day while we are working on 50 appointments per month with follow ups to more than 600 past appointments per month. We are booked until April 2010 with… Continue

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As we venture forward in learning the "truth" it gives us great pleasure to go out and about learning other things. Like fishing. Fishing may be old news to some. I've fished before and loved it so much but it's been years and I'd forgotten how to do the line on the fishing pole, how to throw the reel, etc.

So we went on a fishing trip to Olowalu Landing with a friend, her children, and her sister. It was great fun! As they showed me how to do the fishing line my memory started to… Continue

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Some of the reasons Kanaka can take land away

A forward about Land Title in Hawai'i--very good background

topic posted Fri, June 24, 2005 - 10:33 AM by Hunakai


In response to the drivel about our lands being been "taken":

There is no record of acquisition of jurisdiction of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina by the U.S. or the "state" of Hawaii. There has only been one legal passage… Continue

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Off to the Beach!

Well, it's beach day for us. When there are no classes we take off to the beach and just stay until after sunset. We barbecue, eat, swim, laugh together. Family comes and goes. Where we're going today is good for the little ones so the teens and older have to dig to Launiopoko or somewhere else to surf but yea, they'll be back to eat.

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I engaged!!!

Gosh darn it! I know it's wise not to engage in an argument or to respond as if in an argument but I threw all that out the window and I engaged!!! I didn't even realize it until just now!

Engaging in an argument is a type of contract. I'll be more careful this time but when I read some of the things they were saying in response to Pono's comments I was what you call...not happy. This is how it goes, I read the comment, blood rises to my head and I start to furiously pound on my… Continue

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I am so Happy! My children have land!!!

I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee and all of a sudden my throat got clogged and tears welled up in my eyes. I was thinking about my children and how far we've come.

I'm a single mother and to say that I've been without struggles would be a complete lie. I've seen my fair of struggles. What compounded those struggles was that I didn't think I'd have anything to leave my children whom I love dearly with all my heart and all my soul. I would die for them if I had to. Still I… Continue

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Kanaka Maoli Banners

Here are a variety of banners anyone can use on Maoli World. Just click on the picture and it'll take you to the correct size. Right click on the image and save to your desktop, disc, or USB. If you fiddle with the size on paint.net or photoshop you can use it on your MySpace page or Wordpress blog as well.…


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Kanaka Maoli Oiwi Comment Box

To use, right click on image and save to your desktop, disc, or USB


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Star Trek - Trekkie Fans

I found a site where I can watch Star Trek for f*ree!!!


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Bankruptcy - Maui News

30% rise in personal bankruptcies logged

POSTED: July 2, 2008

HONOLULU - Personal bankruptcies in Hawaii have surged 30 percent during the first six months of the year.

According to the Office of the U.S. Trustee, there were 890 filings through June, with the vast majority being Chapter 7 liquidation cases, which typically clear debt.

Chapter 13 filings, which allow individuals to pay creditors over time, surged 76 percent from last… Continue

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A Tribute to Hamana Kalili - "Shaka" sign

Hamana Kalili

by Marilyn Foniomoana

A great Hawiian Chief was he,

This man Hamana Kalili.

Three fingers from his hand were gone

Undaunted still he carried on.

He was the guard on the old train

Which transported sugar cane

From fields to the sugar mill,

Old timers here remember still

Of warning their friends not to take

Cane from his train, and so they'd make

Their hand to look like his and wave

To those ahead and so they'd… Continue

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Haunani Kaanaana - Interview in 1984

Haunani Kaanaana - Interview in 1984

"Yes. I joined the Hula Halau because in my position I felt I

needed to learn more of my Hawaiian culture. When I was growing

up-r—and I'm past forty now—but when I was growing up here in

Hawaii, parents were not allowed to teach their children to speak

Hawaiian. We were not allowed to be Hawaiian; we were to… Continue

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David Kupule Interview - Hana Land - Kalaupapa - Testing with New Medicines

The following is a partial extract from an interview with David Kupule of Hana, Maui. He was taken to Kalaupapa for leprosey. Part of the interview also talks about testing with new medication. I often wonder if leprosy was in fact introduced here just for that purpose, to use the Kanaka as test subjects for new medicines and to have them perish so that foreigner's could obtain land… Continue

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Taken from Kauai Eclectic - blog by Joan Conrow

Kauai Eclectic

"As you may recall, he was quoted in Sunday’s newspaper as saying:

“I’m not a developer, I’m just a regular guy in a very unfortunate, uncomfortable situation,” he said. “I’ve done everything I can to make this sensitive and respectful, and I don’t know what else can be changed.”

It seems that over the past eight years, Brescia and/or his wife,… Continue

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