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Check out this from the NY Times re: Hawai'i!!!

Aloha Kakou,


The following is the introduction to a blog in today's (4.30.11) NY Times. While it may be sarcastic in nature, it also raises the very real possibility that those in opposition to President Obama may cause the Hawai'i issue, that is the question of whether Hawai'i is a fake State,  to be brought to light. Wouldn't that be something!!!



Can Hawaii really be considered a state? Does anybody really believe that a volcanic island chain —…


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Maui Mother's Day Gifts!!! zazzle.com

Go to www.zazzle.com/mauijay, and check out my Maui images of Iao Valley, Blue Pools, Twin Falls and more. Every image is available on postcards, tee shirts, aprons, buttons, and more!



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Kanaka Maoli Honored In New Zealand


Press Release: Nuhaka, Wairoa District, Aotearoa New Zealand, Tuesday

June 8th 2010

THE WAIROA MAORI FILM FESTIVAL honoured the native people of Hawai'i

yesterday with the awarding of a new award category at the event. The

MANA WAIROA AWARD is a new category that recognises films that

contribute to the advancement of the human rights of indigenous

peoples all around the world. The… Continue

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"Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty" Screens In New Zealand!

The Award Winning Film - "Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty" to Screen at the Wairoa Maori Film Festial In New Zealand: A Year in Review

"Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty" will screen next week at 10:00 am Monday 7 June in Kahungunu Marae, Nuhaka, Wairoa District at the Wairoa Maori Film Festival in New Zealand. We encourage you to invite all friends and ohana in New Zealand to attend.

One of the goals of "Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty" by filmmaker Catherine Bauknight and the… Continue

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Ontario, Canada Screening - Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty

"Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty" was screened in Ontario, Canada on March 1st at the University of Windsor School of Law as part of the Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights (CLAIHR) 2010 Film Festival. This annual festival is organized by Windsor Law students to raise awareness of "human rights abuses both abroad and in Canada. "

"Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty" , a documentary by Catherine Bauknight, is one of seven documentaries chosen by CLAIHR for the festival. The… Continue

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Native American Indians Reach 3.4 Billion Dollar Settlement with US

Settlement Agreement Reached in Cobell v. Salazar

A Settlement Agreement has been announced between IIM beneficiaries and the Secretary of the Interior, the Assistant Secretary of the Interior-Indian Affairs, and the Secretary of the Treasury in a long-running class action lawsuit, Cobell v. Salazar. The lawsuit claims that the federal government mismanaged individual Indians' trust accounts. Under the terms of the Settlement, the federal government will create a $1.4 billion… Continue

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Bumpy Kanahele

Anyone who can reach Bumpy please ask him to call me at 814.270.1977 or email me at jpulehu@hotmail.com.
Very da kine.
J. D'Alba

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The Newlands Resolution - Save The US-Free Hawai'i!


Harper’s Weekly

July 2, 1898

Volume 42

p. 634

It is probable that the issue of the coming elections for Congress is to be imperialism — that is, that all domestic questions are at least to be obscured by the overshadowing and engrossing subject of territorial expansion. Such a campaign will be interesting, and it will certainly excite the imaginations of the voters. That it is probable that the country is at the parting of the ways is evident from the enormous… Continue

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Contact President Obama - Save the US - Free Hawai'i!!!

President Obama can be contacted at www.whitehouse.gov/contact.

Show your aloha and tell the President how you feel about the Akaka Bill, the need to hold hearings throughout Hawai'i Nei, and the cause of justice for the Kanaka Maoli.

Queen Liliu'okalani's legacy of peace, diplomacy, and the rule of law IS the greatest demonstration of civility and true leadership the civilized world has ever witnessed. The world can inherit… Continue

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US Senate Committee Passes Akaka Bill !

December 17, 2009

Akaka bill passes Senate committee, heads to full Senate vote next year

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Gannett Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON – The Senate Indian Affairs Committee today approved a Native Hawaiian federal recognition bill, clearing the way for the legislation to come to a vote in the full Senate next year.

"I respectfully ask that the committee pass this bill in the interest of this generation and future… Continue

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Hawaii Public Radio Discusses 'Voice For Sovereignty'

On Monday, December 14th, Hawaii Public Radio broadcast an extensive story regarding "Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty".

To hear this report:

Go to www.hawaiipublicradio.org;
Click "News"
Scroll down to Wayne Yoshioka on left;
Click 'Political Reports Archive'
You find it there!

Malama pono,

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Monsanto Seeds - AP Investigation

AN AP INVESTIGATION: Monsanto seed business role revealed

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Confidential contracts detailing Monsanto Co.’s business practices reveal how the world’s biggest seed developer is squeezing competitors, controlling smaller seed companies and protecting its dominance over the multibillion-dollar market for genetically altered crops, an Associated Press investigation has found.

With Monsanto’s patented genes being inserted into roughly 95 percent of all soybeans and 80… Continue

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Sunday Night! @ UH - "Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty"

Press Release


Honoring Cast and Native Hawaiian People

Sunday, December 13 at 5:00 PM

University of Hawaii, Spalding Auditorium

Honolulu, HI

University of Hawaii Cinema Series, by Don Brown;

Sponsored in part by Hawaiian Studies, UH

US 2009 84 minutes


This documentary film, directed by photojournalist Catherine Bauknight, explores the… Continue

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Swedish Curator Comments On Return Of 'Iwi

Re: Hawaiian 'Iwi

Hej min vän,

Thank you. It's been a privilege to assist Mr Aila and the Group Caring for the Ancestors in repatriating human remains from Hawaii. They were obducted in the 19th century and should never have left their ancestors and their islands in the first place. I hope to some day visit your beautiful native land.

Med vänlig hälsning!

Lars Amréus

National Historical Museums

Museum of National Antiquities - Historiska… Continue

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Turning the Table on Quiet Title Actions!

To follow is a letter I sent today to the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation concerning Quiet Title Actions. As Uncle once told me: "Live by palapala, die by palapala!"

Aloha Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation:

Your efforts to assist Native Hawaiians are applauded and greatly appreciated. I do have a question. While you provide assistance in the defense of Quiet Title Actions, why are you not offering to represent Kanaka Maoli in the prosecution of Quiet Title Actions to… Continue

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Hawaiian Civic Groups - "Hawai'i A Voice For Sovereignty"

Catherine Bauknight's Film is reaching out to the world to enlighten them of the issues facing the Kanaka Maoil and Hawai'i Nei. If anyone is connected to a Hawaiian Civic Organization, or can refer me to someone who is, please contact me at jpulehu@hotmail.com. We are interested in discussing screening the film on Oahu and elsewhere as well as a mutually beneficial fundraising effort.

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Hawaii Supreme Court orders dismissal of remaining ceded lands suit

Hawaii Supreme Court orders dismissal of remaining ceded lands suit

The Hawai'i Supreme Court today ordered the dismissal of the claims of the final plaintiff in the ceded lands case, setting the stage for the end of 15 years of litigation.

University of Hawai'i Hawaiian studies professor Jonothan Osorio, along with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and three other Native Hawaiians, had sued to keep the state from selling ceded lands until claims to the lands by Native… Continue

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"Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty" Wins Best Documentary AND Best Environmental Film at New York International Independent Film Festival!

Press Release 10/27/09

Othila Media Productions


ph. (626)786-4227

"Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty" Wins Best Documentary AND Best Environmental Film At the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival!

Catherine Bauknight's feature documentary film, "Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty", is awarded the Best Documentary Feature Film and Best Environmental Film awards at the New York International Independent… Continue

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Indepth Interview w/ Catherine Bauknight Flmmaker of "Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty" - Today and Tomorrow!

Catherine Bauknight Filmmaker of "Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty" will be interviewed on KKCR, Kauai Public Radio's "Na Leo Hawaiian Issues Program", hosted by Mahelani, Saturday, October 24th at 1:30PM, and Sunday, October 25th at 4PM. The interviews can be heard live on the internet at www.kkcr.org. On Kauai the interviews can be heard on radio 90.9 FM on the northshore, 91.9 FM in the Kapa'a area, and 92.7 in the Anahola and Molo'a areas.

"Hawaii… Continue

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NY International Film Festival - "Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty"

"Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty" Makes It's NYC Priemere At The New York International Independent Film & Video Festival.

"Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty" will be screened on Fri. October 23, 2009 at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival in New York City. It will be screened at 2:00PM. ***** at the Village East Cinema 189 Second Ave New York, NY 10003. NYIIFVF is a competitive event that screens the latest indie films from all around the globe.… Continue

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