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Answer To Kailani

To: Kailani

From: Kawehi

Aloha e Kailani,

This photo of me was taken in 1990 over 20 years ago. The one with the red on was taken last year. Yes the bone I am wearing represents a sperm of life, Maori style. I was given that to me by my cousins in my first visit to Aotearoa. I am planning to go back there soon for a short visit and to talk about Hawaiian independence.

You may also want to go to website: "hawaiiankingdom.org" for more education about Hawai'i… Continue

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Independence, Crown and Government Lands

To: Paula Setz,

Thank you for your comment.
Yes, I have alot to teach you.
Don't be discouraged. Stand strong.

If you want to write to me at: kawehi11@yahoo.com


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To Lana Robbins: Crown and Government Lands

Aloha e Lana,

I would like to apologize to you because your site is on this topic. When I tried to sign up to your site, nothing happened so I took the next best path. The Blog. Hope this doesn't offend you, that is not my intention. My intention is to share, educate and help people get on these lands with the knowledge I have been able to garner over the last 40 years.

Your site is beautiful. Keep writing in them and share your knowledge or what I have written with your… Continue

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Response to Kaohi

Aloha Luella Leonardi aka Kaohi

I have these questions needing to be answered by you. Can you answer them?

I would like to know what is your understanding of the Crown and Government Lands?

Also, what did you mean in your last message about my mention of Jon J. Chinen's book? Did you know him?

What did you mean by, "she's (me) using the parking lot...?" Please share you mana'oi'o because as you know I have will forever, until our government is restored to stand… Continue

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In Response To Aloha Surfkick

Regarding Crown and Government Lands.

(I couldn't sleep because our cat gave birth a week ago and her babies were making alot of noise so I woke up and and found Surfkick's response to the blog on Crown and Government lands, so I'm trying to answer it now.)

E kala mai. I have a hard time trying to relate to someone who uses a "pen name" and not a real name as I have here because I have nothing to hide and can hold my own. I apologize if I'm coming off rude, I feel you were… Continue

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End The US Occupation

Aloha Keakua,

When is the US occupation going end?

In every nation there are good and bad people.

The US military must be more positive in how they use their energies...as a Hawaiian woman I am against the US occupation in Hawai'i and the other countries that are or were independent. Such events includes Indonesia, Louisiana, Chile and other countries that feel the affects of earthquakes, tsunami and any events caused by natural disasters.

To use the… Continue

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On Crown and Government Lands


To those out there in Maoli world, please get a copy of, The Great Mahele, by Jon J. Chinen.

He explains it well and tells you where these lands are and in the back of the book it explains howKamehameha III, divided out from His Royal Dominion and who got what. In a nutshell the Crown and Government Lands, make up all of Hawai'i.

The Good NEWS! There were laws passed on the Great Mahele from the Hawai'i Legislature in 1848 and you can look up those laws in the… Continue

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Response to Kaleo


Mahalo for your response.

I choose to respond through the blog because the "send comment" doesn't work for me.

As I said, we are still struggling in Waimanalo and put together a group of community people to tackle Bellows as we speak. The fat lady hasn't sung yet.

The military thinks that they will never leave Waimanalo...well, that's left to be seen. I won't count my chickens early but I can say, that we will not give up our lands to these negative forces on… Continue

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On Kamehameha Schools


Recently while at lunch with 'ohana we were discussing our great grand aunty, Bernice Pauahi Paki Bishop and got to talk about the school waiving the tuition fees. I said to my cousins, they shouldn't stop there, they should waive the testing as well, to give our Hawaiian children a chance to attend Kamehameha schools. So they asked me to write an article in the Starbulletin which I did and it was posted in yesterday's editorial (March 8, 2010). Check it… Continue

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The Difference between Federal Recognition and A Free Hawai'i?

We don't need the federal to recognize us, we are already recognized since 1843 by international countries.

We are FREE when we free our minds of all the garbage that comes with federal recognition that tries to change our every being from living life to the fullest.

The Akaka bill is another Newlands Resolution, only done in our generation...the feds don't even change their M.O.

in our case. It used to work before, not today.

When Hawaiians are ready to… Continue

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