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Four Months of Modern Issues, So what?

This one goes out to all my Maoliworld ʻohana who have been following the comments of our Modern Issues class... thanks for weighing in on some of our hot topic issues.

So, now weʻve been in this class since September. Iʻm really not sure I understand modern issues in Hawaii any better than when I started, but at least I have a little bit more context. AND... the most valuable lesson coming out of this semester is that we are each otherʻs best resource. Yup. I thought Iʻd be coming… Continue

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Playing the Past, Grounding the Future

Thanks to Kumu Lynette Cruz, Kumu Kahele Dukelow and Kumu Kaleikoa Kaeo for calling to perform in ʻThe Queenʻs Womenʻ sponsored by Ka Lei Maile Aliʻi civic club... It was over a month ago that I had this opportunity yet it was this week that new inspiration came to me on this brief experience. (Sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in...)

I played the role of Miriam Michelson, a reporter from San Francisco who documented an anti-annexation meeting held in Hilo, 1897. Speaking… Continue

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Kau nā Makaliʻi ma luna o ke poʻo

Kau nā Makaliʻi ma luna o ke poʻo. I kēia mau lā o ka hoʻomaka ʻana o ka Makahiki, nui nā manaʻo aʻu e lana nei i ka lani. Ke pāʻole ka mahina, pōʻeleʻele nō ka wao o Wakea. I kēia mau manawa, hele aʻela ka ʻuhane e noho me Akua, e noʻonoʻo i nā mea pono o ke ola. Like me he hiamoe kēia mau manaʻo, ʻoiai lā, ʻala nō ka maka. Ke hele nā wāwae i kai, hele ka ʻuhane iā Kilauea paha. Ke hele nā wāwae i uka, e ʻala aku paha ka manaʻo i Kokeʻe. Nui na wahi like ʻole a ka ʻuhane e kipa ai, mai ko… Continue

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Health and Sexuality Post 2- Other Indigenous Perspectives

Aloha e Na hoapapa a me na kanaka ma Maoliworld-

Here is the second installation of probably a 4-part response to a question on Health and Sexuality... this time I share with you some teachings from other Native women, two specifically who dedicate their lives to this work.

First I will say that as far as I can tell, this parallels with the Hawaiian practice of the women's "hale pe'a". That is, women in their menstrual time are invited to spend time with each other only,… Continue

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Health and Sexuality Post 1 (Response to Blog comment/question)

Aloha Kakou,

In response to my blog post asking about the most important issues facing Hawaii today, one respondent asked me the following:

"Can you get a group of women and talk among yourselves about "Hawaiian Sexuality"? What I want to hear is the old kupuna and see how they have kept themselves healthy, or not. If, so what happen over the years."

So yes I have started gathering info and stories from some of our kupuna here on Maui, more to come in following… Continue

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(Re-Post)What is the Most Important Modern Issue Facing Hawai'i Today?

Aloha Kakou,

For all of you who wish to follow the "Modern Issues of Hawai'i" class (held at Maui Community College), I am a student in this class and will be hosting my blog assignments here on Maoli World. Please feel free to add your mana'o to these blog posts... we will all really appreciate it.

I will begin this series of posts with a question rather than an opinion, this is the second time I post this question:

What, in your eyes, is the most important… Continue

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Senator Ted Kennedy, Political Icon, Passes

Rest in Peace, Senator Ted Kennedy.

It has been said that this man, over the course of his career, has probably touched the lives of every single American alive with his policy-making, his liberal views supporting him in fighting for social justice, human rights, environmental preservation, and a full host of other issues facing us today.

This night, also my birthday, I humbly honor him, and from his inspiration take up the… Continue

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