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Researchers: If You Want a Favor, Ask and Ask Again

Nobody likes getting rejected, which is one reason we often think twice before asking for a favor. If we believe we’re likely to get turned down, why bother? But recent research led by Daniel Newark, a doctoral candidate in organization studies, shows that we overestimate the chance that our requests for help will be denied — especially after we’ve been turned down before. And that suggests…


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Nelson Mandela, Transformational Leader

Every entrepreneur, almost by definition, sets out to change something--an inefficient market, a previously unsolvable customer problem, an ossified internal culture. Compared to what Nelson Mandela…


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Gay Marriages

I am happy with the decision to allow gay marriages.  If there is love, no matter if its between a man and a woman, a woman and a woman, or a man and a man....that is all that matters.  I was very surprised at the controversy before the decision had been made.  There were so many people that strongly opposed the idea of legalizing gay marriages.  What I don't understand is, how does gay marriages affect those of us who are not attracted to the same sex?  What is the reason for putting up…


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The "authorities" were put in their position to protect and serve the people.  The solutions they have to keep the community safe, are to imprison offenders of various crimes.  This comes with a high cost.  It's not just the price of money that is being put on the line.  How are we benefiting society by simply putting offenders to the side?  Where is the reformation for these people when the time comes for them to return to society?  Prison is not the answer, but it does feed into the…


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There have been many organizations created with the intention of reclaiming sovereignty for the Hawaiian people.  Allowing the Hawaiians to decide how to make use of our land.  Allowing the Hawaiians to decide on the education of our keiki.  Allowing the Hawaiians to pave the future for the people.  There has been so much hurt and wrong-doings towards our people.  Kana'iolowalu is yet another attempt at recognizing the Hawaiians as an independent nation.  I didn't realize that by signing…


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Kamehameha Schools

The Kamehameha Schools recently started off their Winter Break with their annual celebration, Founderʻs Day.  Founderʻs Day is dedicated to Princess Pauahi Bishop, whose will and land holdings had established a school for the Native Hawaiian children.  I feel fortunate to have attended the schools Kapālama campus.  During my time there, I learned how much money the 5 trustees were accumulating in their positions.  For an English assignment to write a letter to the editor, I mentioned the…


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Just like the ʻāina, the Hawaiian people did not claim ownership of the water.  The Hawaiian people understood that they were stewards of the ʻāina.  The Hawaiian people understood that the precious resource of water was a gift to help them survive.  They were thoughtful with their use of the water.  The ʻahupuaʻa was set up to where the water flowed from the mountain to the sea to enable all the people of the land to make proper use of it.  When the mahiʻai veered water from the stream to…


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“Kana'iolowalu is a racial registration process supported by the Hawaii state legislature and OHA’s money. Once the list is created, the legislature intends to grant powers to that racial group and then hand over state government money and land to it.” - BY KENNETH R. CONKLIN, PH.D.  In other words, America was trying to make Hawaiian people in the same class of the Indians. Citizens of Hawaii are part of a…


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     Food Sovereignty! Monsanto is paying people to run test and destroy the land by chemically poisoning massive areas of land. Monsanto is creating genocide for future keiki because the amount on chemical products that they using can ruin our food crops and aquifer.  These people create crops that are tolerant to all chemicals and then try to make us eat it? How do you feel about eating pants that is resistant to nature’s chemicals?  Whatever happened to Aloha…


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Hawaiian Renaissance

             In the 1970s everything that is Hawaiian is reawakened. From Hawaiian arts to politically being smart, is once again brought back to reality. Hokule’a makes their first voyage to Tahiti. Also Kaho’olawe is given back to the Hawaiian community by the U.S of A after destroying the island to almost nothing.  Then the first person to address the international council of congress is a Hawaiian by the name of Kowai Puna. Land is more a value…


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No hea mai 'oe?

Notes in class:

  • No hea mai 'oe?
  • Na wai no 'oe?
    • Mo'oku'auhau
    • kumulipo
    • mana
    • ali'i
  • what nationality you?
  • Hawaiian
    • Native = 1778
    • native = 50%
    • aboriginal
    • indigenous
    • hapa (part)
    • national
      • citizen
      • subject
    • diaspora = born & raised outside of HI
    • haole
    • at-heart = live, born here, but not hawaiian &…

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Notes in class

Kanalu Young, PhD.

  • Aboriginal: The first people to be there.
    • Descend, geneology, prior to 1778 (Cook)
  • Plants
    • Edemic: Developed & of here
    • native plants: grown here, these plants got here without the help of humans.  Got here from the W's.
      • Three W's
        • Waves
        • Wind
        • Wings
  • Hawaiian Native:  Someone born in Hawaii
    • A native boy/girl of these…

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GMO (Genetically Motified Organisms)

Here in Hawaii, where many things are flown in now days, we are seeing the rise and domination of GMO here.  What can we do as kanaka to help prevent this destruction to our 'aina?  

I can honestly say that i wasn't very concerned about Monsanto until i researched it and tried looking up GMO's in other countries, but i realized many other countries has banned GMO testing in there countries and i agree.  Why do they keep polluting the only…


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What is the real Modern Issues of Hawai’i? A Criminal Thinking Mind…

     Issues Hawai’i is dealing with is GMO’s, Hawaiian men and women who are incarcerated in prison being shipped away from their island home, Hawaiian immersion schools being pushed out of the public school system because it is growing too fast for current education system, military occupation granted by a government that is occupying Hawaiian Kingdom land, the education system having the audacity to to say that we should be using a national education system (Common Core State Standards)…


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Ashley Judd Opens Up About Tracking Device on Her Car

Ashley Judd has released a statement regarding the police report she filed in Tennessee last month accusing her half-sister, country music star Wynonna Judd, UGG Donne Stivali Classic Short Sangria, of trying to spy on her after a tracking device was found in her car.

She tweeted a link to the statement on her website and also composed the statement through nine separate tweets.

"The issue at hand is the illegal…


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Hawaii is an independent country


By 1893 Almost 100% of Hawaiians were literate and were involved in political issues of the day (Hawaiian and English issues). Hawaiians were not confused of who they are! The effect of the culture bomb is annihilating the Hawaiians beliefs, language; place Names and destruction of the environment were all part of Americas plans. With this idea this makes native people believe the myth instead of the truth. “Theft is holy,” Seems as if taking and colonizing land that is not yours…


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A class divided

In class we watched a video about racism, not here in Hawaii, but an all white community in Iowa.  A teacher named Jane Elliott separated her third grade class into blue-eyed students and brown-eyed students.  It was amazing to watch all the kids change completely, from getting good grades on a test, personality and most importantly attitude.

She told false information to each group to see how they would react and how they would respond.  The first thing she did was tell all the…


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Hawaiian Home Lands

Several years back, I was presented with the opportunity to purchase a lot up in beautiful Waiohuli.  At this time, the homes at Waiohuli were at the beginning stages of being built.  There were other families there who had purchased their lot from others who did not want the lot because either they lived on a different island, they were not ready to build, or they already had a home somewhere else.  I was so excited for the opportunity that was right before my eyes.  I didnʻt have any…


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The New Dollar Menu at McDonald's Isn't the Same

Of all the innovations to come about over the past decade, the "Dollar Menu" at McDonald's(NYSE: …


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GMO - You Decide.

What is Genetic Engineering?

Genetic engineering or “GE” is a laboratory technique used to make new kinds of plants, animal or other living organisms. This is where it gets weird and complicates this process. Using techniques to cross natural boundaries and force together DNA from any different species, such as inserting, jellyfish genes in corn plants or human genes in rice. Hawai`i has the highest recorded number of open-air experiments with genetically engineered plants in the…


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