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Racism in Hawaii

While I read Judy Rohrer's excerpt, many things came up that I have experienced before. Most of the article relates to my personal life in some way, and it conjured up many thoughts and questions I have had in the past. What does 'haole' mean in Hawai'i? Not just the literal meaning (foreigner) but how is it used? Who does it apply to? Is it a racist word? While reading Haunani-Kay Trask's story, it made me feel different. I felt angry, I asked myself, why does this…

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HK Weblog: Ambassador Sai's Presentation to the Swiss Diplomats-Zurich Network Well Received‏

Here's the latest post on HK Weblog:



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same sex marriage

  Same sex marriage here in Hawaii has been an on-going battle for those who are for and against it.  I personally am for same sex marriage, living here in Hawaii, where cultural background is so different from those living in the mainland, that i have learned to love everyone who is different, because really which two people are exactly the same??  I know many people who are gay and lesbian, most of them are related to me.  I believe that "marriage" is sacred, but who are we to judge…


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American Jungle on the History Channel.

  American Jungle on the History channel if you guys never see um is filmed on the big Island of hawaii, about hunters hunting in the rain forests of Hawaii Island.  I personally never ment to watch it but came across it by chance, I never like watch college football n started flipping through the channels when I came upon the history channel n had this guy talking to a camera crew speaking hawaiian pidgeon. At first I was like wat this kanaka doin on da history channel, he stay talking…


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Ike Aina , Sustainability in the Hawaiian Epistemology. By Dr. Manulani Meyer

  Epistomology of Hawaii is the indiginous of our old mindset that makes us who we are and where we are from, in my opinion thats all about cultural beliefs and heritage of our ancesters who came before us. Manulani goes on too describe our words n beliefs in a translation of english, which basically doesnt do the Hawaiian meanings and feelings justice. Not to quote her word for word which will be an act of plagerism, but to put it simply as I can it was it has to do about the quality of…


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Kauai Council overrides mayor's veto of anti-pesticide, GMO bill

Thank goodness, although on another island--Kaua'i, do they council members who know what needs to be done even in the face of litigation, these representatives shoud be on O'ahu for I am sure the vote for Same-sex Marriage could have made a different outcome--really who knows!

Keep the representatives on Kaua'i and replace the ones on O'ahu!! NO INCUMBENTS O'AHU MAUI BIG ISLAND!! Vote for some new!! One one but the ones in office NOW!!

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SB1 Testimony from both opossing and surporting this same sex marriage bill.

 The Bill Sb1 was officially signed by govner Abocromby and made into law, yet the people opposing same sex marriage are counter suing that the Bill is unconstitutional, because of a misconception about wether the voters in the last election had really understood the ramifications of voting on a Bill to give the Legistlation the power to determine what is marriage.  the argument by Collette Machado chairman of OHA who is oppossed to the stated some interesting ramifications about this Bill,…


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Racism in Hawaii

    Racism in Hawaii has been a problem that has been going on forever, but for me, i didn't start really noticing racism till i was in the 8th grade.  I have a "Haole" cousin, she wasn't "Haole" in the sense that she was from Europe or the continent.  She was actually born and raised on O'ahu, she is also 25% Hawaiian, it just so happens that she looks as though she is pure haole because shes white, with freckles and blue eyes.  I was visiting with them one summer and noticed while we…


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Hello MaoliWorld <3

My Name is A.J.

I'm Mixed Hawaiian/Filipino/German/Irish, adopted into a middle class Midwestern (US) white family, and raised to believe I was white, but just "tanned well" (even tho that Tan stuck around all year long).

I have struggled most of my life trying to understand my culture, German and Irish always being the most accessible of the 4, Hawaii just being another American "State", and we never even got into the Filipino. "We're America, a melting pot, everyone…


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Hawaiian Literacy in the 1800s.

 Hawaiians living in the 1800s of colonization was a very literate peoples, they could read and write both english and Hawaiian, in fact they had the most hawaiian writen news papers operating in this area. So if we Hawaiians were so literate in understanding letters, reading and writing both english and Hawaiian, why is it that HC&S sugar plantation hold the lands at Honokowai above the Kapalua Airport at Mahinahina. They hold 600 acres of Kuleana lands that they alledgedly got from the…


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Geothermal Energy on the Island of Maui.

  There is a proposal of setting up a Geothermal Facility on the Island of Maui, there are supposed to be hot spots on the east end of Haleakala on Ulupalakua Ranch and the Hawaiian Homestead of Kahikinui. Geothermal is a science of harnessing steam from active valcanic fisures under the ground, it is supposed to be safe and environmentally friendly. Double Flash Steam Technology is a closed loop system where the water carries steam from underground and is delivered to a turbine that…


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Why are our incarcerated Kanaka being sent off island, instead of being housed in thier native aina?

  Why are our Kanaka maoli being sent to Missisipi, Arizona and Oklahoma?  We know that there is overcrowding in our prison system, I for one have experianced it myself in 2004 to 2005, but that is no excuse to send our boys off island where family members cannot visit.  The State of Hawaii is the only State in the U.S. that sends thier incarcerated out of state to be housed.  So called private institutions are cheaper then building a new prison to house our bradas, in my opinion thats a…


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SB1 or Senate Bill 1 really is a controversy about what people are comfortable with in their cultural belief system and religious beliefs system. It took some time for me to digest just what are the …

SB1 or Senate Bill 1 really is a controversy about what people are comfortable with in their cultural belief system and religious beliefs system. It took some time for me to digest just what are the issues at hand with SB1. I understand that there is apparently a large portion of the majority opposing the passing of this bill. Most of it stems from each individual religious beliefs. Now, that is absolutely fine to have the freedom to demonstrate your religious…


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same sex..whats up!!!

to me i tink dat u gotta look at da history of hawaii and wea we put up all deez boundries have sex!! serious! if da calvinist neva come a fuck up our way of life by telling us wen or how we shud have sex den i know tink we be having dis one..hawaiians back in da wa kahiko days neva have dis kine marriage kine stuffeses dat came wit da coming of da Haole fo two..we neva have dis kine who we can have sex wit..not if u da big whip and you wen put kapu on yo wahine or…


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The Empire Church and State Myth

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The National Archives the Constitution of the United States

            It begins in most religions, that in order to know your particular God you must first…


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Same-sex Marriage

What is one of the real issues here is that we are allowing our government officials to dictate what we should be voting on. 


Wants to give same-sex couples the same rights as opposite-sex couples to marry and to receive benefits that provide Right of parents, Reliance on federal law, interpretation of terminology to be gender neutral, Refusal to solemnize a marriage this one is for those of you feel like Tenari Ma’afala, not to mention,…


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Hawai'i SB1 has a Trojan Horse Harmful to Hawaiian Children

Hawai'i SB1 has a Trojan Horse Harmful to Hawaiian Children

The House of Representatives Judiciary and Finance committee has passed SB 1 today. In doing so they managed to slip in a Trojan Horse that is harmful to Hawaiian children.

It's on page 5 of 18 pages:

"Section 572C :

"Rights of parents: Parental rights, benefits, protections and responsibilities based on marriage shall be the…


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Same sex marriage.

  Aloha ohana, I am writing about the issue in Hawaii thats got everybodys panties in a bunch, Im talking about legalizing same sex marriage, and am very interested in your opinions. Me personally im for equal rights and the freedom to excersize these rights, after all america is toted to be the freest country in the world and everyone has a say in thier own lives, hah. As a kanaka maoli with my geneology going back sixteen generations, I can tell you that I do have ohana who are attracted…


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