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Head Football Coach at Kamehameha Schools Maui been suspended for un-sportsmen like conduct

The head football coach at Kamehameha School's Maui campus has been suspended by school officials after apparently knocking over a player from an opposing team during a game last Saturday. This is a huge controversial issue that is flooding the media. Heres the link for more info:

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Inappropriate artwork at the Hawaii Convention Center Containing Native Bones?

An artwork has been displayed at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu has raised many concerns in the Hawaiian community. The artwork is depicting human remains of Hawaiians in the sand. What is your thoughts about this situation? Should it be taken down?

Heres the link for more info:

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  Aloha Maoli ohana, my name is Kaia Pali and from the Island of Maui.  I am currently residing on Hawaiian Home Lands on the eastside of the Island called Kahikinui. I moved up here four years ago from the westside of the Island, in a valley called Honokohau.  I am fifty years old and attending college at UHMC,to get my CSAC  in Human Services. I am very new to this media technology and never owened a computer in my life until last year. I am honored to be a part of Maoliworld and look…


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I am not so concerned about SHARKS. What about all these friggin' Cut- throat Pirates and genocidal maniacs !!

"Every morning some new kanakas found in this condition…


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Dramatic Catching and Torture of Tiger Shark at Honokohau on Hawaii Island

A group of males were up against a 12-14ft tiger shark. They had posted a video that has gone viral on youtube and on different news channel around Hawaii and some parts of the world. This Tiger Shark is known to be a famous shark of that area, and fishermen always take care of that shark. In the video, the men are harassing the shark and are not leaving the shark alone. The shark is attached to a fishing line and rope, but the men are not cutting the line free as soon as they see it is a…


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Shark Attack Prevention

With the recent amount of shark attacks in Hawaiʻi, there has been a new idea to prevent the attacks. As the eight total shark attacks here in Hawaiʻi and four of them occurred on Maui, the Mayor  of Maui, Alan Arakawa, is pushing towards an idea of installing an underwater "net" or barricade that would prevent the shark attacks. In Australia, they have already tested the device and installed some near beaches. What is your outlook on this issue? Feel free to say anything that comes to…


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"White People Only" Greet at the Front of Church

On September 2nd 2013, in Charlotte,NC a huge argument has arose at a North Charlotte church after the pastor of the church sent an email saying "only white people" should stand at the front of the door before service to greet people as they walk in. What do you think of this? Racism? Superiority perhaps?  Are we still living in the past?  All comments welcomed!

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NASA Going to The Moon Once Again

Upload on, stating that NASA is going back to the moon. They are going back to study the moonʻs atmosphere and the dust particles that are on the surface. From my perspective, NASA should not go up there because the U.S. needs to take of the debts that they owe certain countries. Why spend more money to study something that we do not need to know right now? Whatʻs your take on this decision?

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Papal Bullshit

In the name of God i make all claims to these people and there Lands and possesion!". serious! these Popes and and all their religious principles and beliefs is really crazy. the catholic popes really think that they will go to heaven with all these claims of being such an higher power to all people who no believe in their God or being non-christians. Papal Bull of 1495 and 1493 in which the Pope then orders the genocide and enslavement of millions in the name of christiandom and issues…


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Sign the "I Have Chosen NOT to Register with Kana‘iolowalu" Petition

Sign the "I Have Chosen NOT to Register with Kana‘iolowalu" Petition

Petition Created By

Trisha Kehaulani Watson, J.D. PhD.

Petition Background

OHA has begun defunding Native Hawaiian health and education programs, while continuing to provide millions of…


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