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Early morning wakeup. Fight traffic to Diamondhead Rd. for a conference. Four hours of etherial nothingness, somebody owes me. Fight traffic to Pauoa. Shopping for a friends wedding. Ze-Craft, Ben Franklin and Flora Dek. 45-minutes of my life lost sitting in traffic on Alakea. Back to work, two hours of pennance. Back to Pauoa then off to Manuheali'i, not for me (rayon dosen't excite me). Wife and friends, shopping at Wards. Dinner at Ryans, damn that beer was good. Cruising at SoHa, damn that… Continue

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Why my team works hard to bring 96 Hawaiian 8th graders to Molokai

The purpose of education is to prepare students for their future, acknowledging the fact that this technological society is moving so quickly that we are trying to prepare students for jobs that don't even exist right now. We take the 8th graders to Moloka'i for a different philosophy of "preparing for the future." Our kids go to Moloka'i to learn from their kupuna, to ho'olohe, listen, not just with their ears, but with their whole body. The western concept of past and future is that… Continue

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Our Dearly Beloved Queen: Part I

Aloha mai kakou bloggers,

As we move toward the anniversary of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy, we find that history begins to repeat itself in ways that are on levels both spiritual and physical. Hawaiian philosophy believes that our physical entities in the present always co-exist between past, present, and future.

This belief in moving through this lifetime in a timeless manner makes our efforts in this lifetime so important and evident that your existence must… Continue

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Something To Bite On!

Something to Bite On!

By Hale Mawae

Do people still need to depend on the land and the sea for the food that they put on the table?

Or are people starting to be consumers and dependent on the store out of commodity and easy living?

Are people just afraid to get their hands dirty, afraid to get some dirt under their fingernails and poke a few seeds in the ground? Are people too impatient to wait and watch something grow, pick it, and have the satisfaction of… Continue

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Morning Mana'o Podcast

Aloha Kakou -
Please visit www.thehawaiianlearningcenter.com and get the latest "Morning Mana'o". You can also go directly to the podcast at morningmanao.podcast.com.

ke Akua pu,

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He Hawaii Kaua

Aloha e,

He Hawaii Kaua. This transcends ancestry of any sort - it is spirit. When we look at our fellow man, we identify with him, not against him. We embrace everyone as equals, everyone as worthy, everyone as of our own blood. This is pono.

-Pono Maliu

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Thought I'd swore to stay away from online social networking for good, but I suppose I Moms to blame for this one.

Aloha no ho'i. Hana i ke kakahiaka, a laila moemoe au.

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Pueo kaha kula mau'u

Pueo: Soaring over the lowlands of Hawaii

There was a time when the slopes of Puowaina, now called Punchbowl, were covered in native pili grasslands. Hidden in the grass were the nests of the pueo, the Hawaiian owl. Stories are told of the reverence that Hawaiians had for these nests and eggs, encountered, but not molested, while pili grass was being collected for thatching. If eggs were taken to eat, it was sure to be followed by dire… Continue

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He kii palaka o Kamapuaa


Eia ke noho nei 'o Kamapua'a, ke kupua pua'a o Hawai'i. He luana iki keia i ka hakaka mau 'ana ia Pele, ke akua ahi, ka wahine 'ai honua, ke akua o na pohaku 'ena'ena. I Ka'uku ka ma'ukele, ma'o loa aku o na moku 'o Puna me Ka'u. Aia no ma Kilauea ke ahi a'a mau loa o Pele. I ke kaua 'ana mai o Kamapua'a (he akua o ke ao, o ka ua, a me ka nahelehele no ia) me Pele (he akua welawela, akua pulupulu…

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Volunteers For Hawaii Research Needed


Body: Hey Everybody,

Your assistance in this matter would be highly appreciated. If you could repost this bulletin and make contacts with those you might know in Hawaii, I'm sure it'll be helpful.



PS If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact me via this venue, mahalo.

Looking for a person with computer skills and that could assist with research… Continue

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No one watching

The real person you are is revealed in the moments when you're certain no other person is watching. When no one is watching, you are driven by what you expect of yourself. You're not attempting to impress anyone. You're not putting on a show. You're expressing your true nature.

The foundation of success is built in the moments when no one else is watching. If your efforts are only made for appearance, they will fall short. When you make the effort even though no one else is keeping… Continue

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Na Pepe 'Ekolu

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Ka hana a ka 'ike

Words transcribed from a panel at the Aha Pawalu O'ahu:

Topic: What is the role of traditional knowledge and practice in natural resource management?

Traditional practice is based on 'ike [knowledge], coupled with what our na'au [gut] tells us is pono [right]. But as wise ones such as Judge Richardson tell us, each of us today lives in two worlds, so when we pull on 'ike we look to not 'ike Hawai'i alone, but ke akeakamai o… Continue

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Iowa, Hawaii, and Barack Obama: The Human Connections

Iowa, Hawaii, and Barack Obama: The Human Connections


David Smithers

Like the fire and steam that is Pele, as her actions create geographic facts over millions of years or mere minutes, the past and present are brush strokes in the form of human lives that paints a picture of the future. In those brush strokes, Iowa and Hawaii, and their respective caucuses, are connected.

I was born in 1953, in Des Moines, Iowa. I am now a 55 year old lifetime resident of Iowa. I… Continue

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Oli Inoa

Oli Kahea

Entrance Chant

'Ohu'ohu O'ahu i ka lei 'ohi'a Laka

Oahu is adorned in a lei ohia of Laka

La'au pua 'ula hikina, kea komohana

Tree with red blossom eastward, white westward

Komo ka 'ohu i ka hana komo 'apana

The mist enters on its dutiful district rounds

Hana ka 'ohu e ho'ohui ke ala 'ohi'a

The mist combines… Continue

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The passing of a legend: Auntie Genoa Keawe, 89

Aue ka hala 'ana o kahi hulu kupuna o kakou, he leo kaulana a nahenahe.

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Aloha kakou!

'Ano'ai ke aloha ia kakou pakahi a pau!
Welcome to Maoliworld, an online community for Kanaka Maoli. Feel free to post your photos, videos, news, and opinions here. This is a place for Hawaiians to share info and keep in touch.

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Kahua Mele ma Kaupoa

I ka pule aku nei, ua noho iho la ma Kaupoa, ma ka aoao komohana o ke kama moku nui a Hina, e kokua aku i ka ohana Beamer, me ko lakou kahua mele. O ko'u kuleana no ia ka papa oli, a me ka hana no'eau, na'u e koho. Ua a'o i kahi papa hana kama'a la'i, no ka mea, me he helena wawae ia i ke ala kupuna. He nohona kupaianaha keia nohona iho i ke kahakai, me na mele nahenahe maika'i, mai ka ohana Beamer, me Sonny Lim, Owana Salazar, a pela aku me na… Continue

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