Hawaiian Monk Seal

In an effort to bring awareness to the plight of the Hawaiian monk seal, Na Mea Hulu has come out with this touching He Hawaii Au shirt. To learn more about their cause and how you can help please visit their website: www.nameahulu.org.Their shirt can be purchased for just $10 on our website, www.lostkingdomklothing.com. Mahalo!
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  • Aloha Kaohi. We appreciate your open and candid response to the efforts of Na Mea Hulu. We believe an open discussion with the Na Mea Hulu organization, who's much more knowledgeable on the subject then we are, would better address your grievances.  We also believe that an open dialogue between both fishermen and Hawaiian Monk seal activist could lead to regulations and solutions that both sides could agree and live with. An open window of dialogue serves better then a slammed door of misunderstanding.

    We'd also like to add that if someone is against or even angered by the presence of the Hawaiian Monk seal, going out and killing them is not the Hawaiian way. We are a people of aloha whose choices are guided not by what others tell us but what we find to be pono. I look at my fellow Na Kanakas and I don't see dupes falling for a scam, I see a race of people who know that Hawaii is more than that which is indigenous. Like the ukulele, "the gift that came here", that has brought us generations of beautiful local music, many see the Hawaiian Monk seal as a gift. A gift that is Hawaii!

  • I disagree with this posting and it's intent.  I do not support the saving of the monk seal here in Hawaii!.  What I do support is that these monk seals should be taken to their sanctuary from Necker to North Western Islands.  Where they can live side by side with other species of the wild.  

    We are domesticating these seals near our shores where our children and fishermen fish for their table.  To feed their families to be precise.  These creatures are not Hawai'i's own although some people mistakenly use the Kumulipo for their knowledge interpretation which misrepresents the true defining of the word as to mean Hawaiian Monk seals.  

    We do not need such Traditional Interpretations by contemporary new comers to the islands.  

    Our shorelines do not need security, policing by new comers that are not only misrepresenting the island practices, but have no ownership of our ancestral lands and it's people.  These new comers and their domesticated animals should use the California coast for their preservation programs!

    The monk seals are at cause for genocide and territorial reasons--and not for means of preservation of species.  It is sad that Na Kanaka buy into these kind of scams!

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