Great Lakes, IL

'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?

maehkyne(pernounced as mai-kyn) noelani

No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?

originally from Honoka'a

ʻO wai ke ahupuaʻa āu e noho nei? Where do you live?

Great Lakes

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  • Aloha Mai! B+a+b+y,

    I, did e-mail you, there is your parent's wedding picture and other pictures that,
    were e-mailed by your Niece, Kaulana. So, see if, you are able to put that
    particular wedding picture (with my pre-approval), for you to do so. Nice
    picture that Nalani took of us and, Maile were able to e-mail the picture
    of us.. Loving You! Forever, Your "Mother."
  • Aloha Nui My Baby Sis,
    Hau'oli Makahiki Hou. Aloha Nui to my Ohana there in Chicago. Kiss and Hug my niece's and nephew's. Send me your phone number. Love your Big Brother

    E-Mail: kaneuhanenui@gmail.com

    KaneUhaneNui e KaWahineUhaneNui
    Ha'Makua Ke'e'aiMoku

    May the NEW YEAR, bring fourth Loving For ONE Another! Having More Prosperity, Joy, Happiness, Be More Proud Of Who We Are! Receiving The Riches that we may share with others, Working the Koe Pae Aina, so we can feed the Ohana inside of the Kingdom Of Owhyhe. Having music in
    our lives so that, we can entertain our world of sacredness. Having thy blessings of positive
    energies so that, we may shine these energy towards others and, glorify the Divine Ones.
    There are many more enlightenment, to be shared: Your LOVING "Mother."

    P.S. Just for suggestion, read your Brother's poems on his maoliworld site. It will remind you, about the familiar times, you wrote your unique poems. WOW I do have BRILLIANT POETS in My Ohana!
  • Huiii...Long time no hear?

    Dear B+a+b+y,

    Sometimes, I feel that I have taken too long to say what is needed to be said? In the year,
    1998 when you thought, I abandoned you, I did not. I used to pray a lot, whiled living at
    Pueopaku, On Mokupuni O Keawe, for you! I am fully aware, that "time heal, all wounds." Sometimes WE take things for granted and for many it can be too late when we "maki" to admit we don't see eye to eye. For me, by doing "court-stuff," I missed out the best things in my life, with my Children. I know with AKUA'S watchful eyes, I could never call back the times
    I wasn't there, for you. I used to make excuses that. the only way to pay you back, were
    to help raise your children. Which I admit, isn't the same. Here on...I know, that the best is
    yet to come! I know, that we all have moved on in our lives and, we must strive for the
    best in our individual lives, to do what is pono. I know, I cannot speak for anyone else who
    have abandoned their child or, children but, I know, that even words alone cannot describe how I feel? I know, that My LOVE for you, is Forever and, eternally! With Much Maka'ala'Nui: Your, "Mother."
  • MeleKalikiMaka ame Houoli MakaHikiHou: B+a+b+y

    Just for correction about the "jury room," it was actually the koa table at the jury room of
    75 Aupuni Street, Mokupuni O Keawe that, I sat down on the middle of that particular table.

    A different time and place, here, this time, it is on the Hawaiian Airline Airplane that, your
    Mother, danced the Hula with the permission of the head stewardess because, she heard
    your Mother sing the KEALOHA MELE earlier, before our flight embarked into Kona on November
    4, 2009. The 10, 000 elevation above the Pacific Ocean became a reality and, Uncle Richard
    Ho'opi'i , his wife and another entertainer, played the mele, for your Mother to dance to. It were
    indeed, KUPAINAHA/Wonderful, to do something "different." Ha! Ha:Your Loving:"Mother."
  • Aloha Mai! B-a-b-y!

    If, your "Mother" were to disclosed how many times you would have found her on a "koa table," or, even a table to go down on record, it would be...that of the following: The first time, it became
    evident...having to stand on top of a stool at the Hilo Hawaiian in the year 1996, when your
    "Mother" terminated her employment and, gave two of her well earned pay checks to the
    "homeless." Did those pay checks reach the "homeless?" Humm...humm. The next time, your
    "Mother" did go on top of a table...it was on the Jury Room, located next to the court room at the physical site at 75 Aupuni Street, Hilo, On Mokupuni O'Keawe. Whoever, the "culprit" who hides himself/herself behind the guise of "808MichaelJackson," failed to make the rightful statement. The best trustworthy one to ask...is Uncle Tom. Why, because he shared the same
    space that day, when the foreigners were attempting to purchase the KEALOHA LANDS IN Hamakua. Your Mother, in the year of: 1998, sat in the middle of the table and bidded "GOLD"
    AND "SILVER!" Infact, the earlier court case that were presented was based upon "DUMMIES"
    that, your father highly questioned! You see, when your "Mother" acted like her Kupuna named:HINA, She did it...in Style! As for the recent E KO ILUNA, on top of the KOA table is again,
    a family ritual. The so-called "family ritual" has everything to do with KOA...there is a CHANT
    (Oli) about the Koa...so, your Mother is only prompted to do the "table" act when it arises!
    By the way, I do have a "CD" about the county koa table act that, your Mother, were driven
    to Oli and stepped on top of the KOA TABLE. There are many witnesses to this action! I, did
    not rebuttled the "808MICHAELJACKSON'S" mana'o:Your Loving "Mother!" Noe'Lani.l
  • long way from home! whos life in da mainland?
  • Aloha Mai! My B+A+B+Y;

    forever! Your "Mother."
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