Ewa Beach, HI


May 12

'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?


No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?


ʻO wai ke ahupuaʻa āu e noho nei? Where do you live?


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  • Aloha Cuzin,

    Yep, been mainland about 15 yrs now. Hope to see you @ reunion on Kauai! Love to your family and ur Mom & Dad. Mahalo for da shout. Keep in touch. 440-344-7680
  • have a safe n blessed halloween
  • howzit brah..Naihe huh? my tutus name is Haaheo Naihe (Kaihe) not sure if related cuz get choke families with that name..aloha mahaloz fo da accept..howz hott ewa?
  • Actually I confirm stories of genealogy - Your grandfather's brothers Richard (he passed away a few months ago) and brother Robert SR who is Bishop of the Hilo LDS keeps our genealogy. On the baker side your aunty Bernice Kaopio, your father's sister is aware of the Baker/Merseberg ties in Kohala. She knew of Merseberg (spelling) ties to Baker but didn't know a Merseberg from Kohala married a Naihe from Kohala...SMILE. I worked with Aunty Marie Solomon; your grandpa's half brother's wife who is a genealogist/historian/story teller of Kohala. I have a video on Mahukona of her storytelling. Your great great grandma married twice. First to Ah Sam and then to Solomon; her daughter AhLan, your great grandma married Naihe...SMILE. Uncle Robert "Sonny" Solomon was caretaker of sacred sites here in Kohala. His mother's side of the family "Kupuka'a Line" did this kind of work in protection of chiefs. Kupuka'a's father was caretaker of the Kahili and protocol of chiefs....Are you going to the reunion next month? Maybe we shall see each other then? SMILE. Love you ((hugs))
  • Mahalo much for the add! Aloha and a hui hou! See ya later!
  • Jordan, Mersberg is in the Baker Line per cousin Bernie, your auntie. We discussed this recently and she didn't know Naihe married Mersberg waay back when. I just saw a picture of Aunty Beatrice "Bea" Mersberg with your great great grandma taken here in Kohala. So yes we are related through Naihe and you are related through both Naihe and Baker
  • Hey cuz...welcome to Maoliworld...SMILE
  • Aloha mai! Wow dat looks like fun! Where are you guys swimming at?
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