June 21


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    Hey there Byron~
    Well so how was the Canoe Championships? Well not too sure what I was doing then, but I didn't get to go that day... Heard that there was a lot of people there and I did see more cars than usual! Well my coach saw me in the mall one day and told me that they were going to do long distance races again and they wanted me to join in with them. So this is my first time that I am doing this, and I kinda like it more than the short strokes! After a couple of days my body was use to it. Not too sure if I am ready to do the 10 mile race in a few weeks thought. But, hope that all went well while you were here for the races! Just wanted to touch base with you and see how thing are going at your end. Well take care and keep in touch!
  • aloha nui....mahalo nui loa no ka add...

  • PhotobucketE Byron~
    Long time no hear! So how are things treating you? Well sorry haven't been on for awhile, my bad.... So here I am making my rounds before work! So, can't say that I am being STUCK UP!! Well still paddling? Well I haven't been doing that for a bit. I just wanted to touch base with all the friends and let them know that I am no STRANJAH!! Well take care of yourself, and it is always nice to hear from my friends...


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    How you been my friend?!? Well for me, the kids didn't have sku so had to stay home with them! Not sure if that was a good thing or not! But it was nice hanging @ home with them before they go with their father for the weekend! Well just thought of sending you some weekend vibes your way.... Any plans for the weekend? Not sure about what I am going to be doing? I live life day by day. Probably suck um up somewhere!!! Have a good one and enjoy...

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  • HaPpY bOyS dAy ByRoN


    Hope all is PONO @ your end! Things are all "G" here. Same old nothing new.... Have a good one!!

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    So how life been treating you?!? Well here we just had an earthquake that moved the house a little. I had to call my work place and see if it was or if it was just my imagination! So sure you will hear it on the news. Well today's been very VOGGY and it's been like that for the past few days. The VOG been really nasty.... Other than that things been same old here! Hope things are sweet @ your end. Well have to let you go and start making dinner! Take care and no work too hard.
    Your friend~

  • Hey there~
    So how you been? Well here, it's all good... My kids went to Oahu to meet up with my out-laws! This was the first time that they rode the plane all by themselves. They are getting so BIG already. Now they know that they can do it, then they are going to want to do it again for sure! Well just wanted to touch base with you and see how things are treating you? This Sunday we have this BIG canoe race called the Business Man Regatta. I was going to participate, but think I will just hang out @ the beach and suck um up! Well have a great week and hear from you later!

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    So how was the trip?!? Hope everything went well... Well me just a little busy working and dealing with this cold that I had for the past week! But nothing holds me back from work... Well just wanted to touch base with you because haven't heard from you in awhile! Have a good one...
    Kililani *=)
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    Just wanted to wish you a Early Valentines Day, better early than later... Make the best of it!!! Do you have a Valentine?!? Me, not yet. =( Be safe and have a sweet one....

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    Hello Friend~
    My weekend was fantastic!!! Had a lot of drinking too.... Maybe a little too much! I only drink on the weekends, don't think I can handle drinking during the weekdays. I didn't go to work today because have a slight fever and a sore head, so called in sick. So, just trying to clean up because it has been neglected. Have a great day and a solid week!
    K den~
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