Here's an intersting article on how warfare shaped human evolution. Any thoughts?

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Very Interesting It is most certainly a topic that has to be kept in mind.
– If it is acceptable to stray into scientific racialism, then this is most certainly an acceptable topic.
Though to me it does imply group selection which is controversial but quite likely not incorrect.– It’s not far from a stretch to sudgest that groups who are more successful are selected for and that related groups with similar genes.

It can be easily understood and I think can likely be right however, the remark on female agresivity, may apply to my mother but not my cousins on the fartherside[the female ones] They Will……… do what men do.

I tend to think that the likely hood of this is bit less likely than that of physical traits for one… aquired characteristics are generally not inherited.<—> Exception to that may be genes for immunity for example. Intelegence in terms of what one know and ones ability to reason appear to not be inherited but to some level the mental frame work appears to be inherited and hence evolving over evolutionary time scales.
tough question . One firist fas to differentiate the two . Genetic trates ie. physical Versus Inherited Traits : Mental . Genetic building blocks are basicly a rough draft of two sets of blue prints . on a Physical leval. Where as Inherited traits are where we find a Large area of thoughts from ie: Blue eyes and Brown eyes to Agressive and passive .
Sort of mixing coulors : Yellow and Green make Blue . when in reality it is Both . As was said evolution happens over time as both genetic changes and thought processing (inherited) becomes hard wired And is handed down from generation to generation .
One example would be the Doberman Pincher . Which was Bread for sertain charictoristics and traits then kept that way by selective breeding . But the breed is still evolving from simple things like its diet and every day interactions . As do People .
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