Seeking Stories of Lualualei

Lualualei is on the west side of Oahu, down Waianae side. For a seemingly rich historic site, there seems to be very little known about it. If anybody has stories, history, legends/myths associated with Lualualei that they would like to share, I would be humbly grateful. Of what I have gleaned off the intertubes, Lualualei may have been a weapons depot for the Oahu alii aimoku. In the legend of Kawelo, one of Kawelo's felled enemies is offered up at a Heiau down at Lualualei. The heiaus down at Lualualei may have been originally owned by Kakuhihewa, an alii aimoku. My makuahine started to tell me some stories. She said that there is a lot of bad spirits down there. She said that that is where they trained to fight the art of Lua, and as one of the last rites, a Lua practitioner had to dismember a human body. She said that Lualualei falling into the hands of the military probably was no coincidence. She also said some of my makuakane did work down there for the US and were sworn to secrecy. So, she piqued my interest. Does anybody have any information on Lualualei they would like to share?

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