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This morning I got an e-mail from Senator Dan Inouye.


This is how he closed his July 4th message:

On this day, let us remember that we live in a land where anything is possible. Let us remember that our independence must still be fought for and our freedom defended.  Let us remember that Democracy requires vigilant oversight and cherished protection.  Let us never take it for granted.


God bless you all and God Bless America.>>


He is right that we still must fight for independence, but not for theirs - for ours. Yes, we have a vigilant oversight by American intelligence organizations; read "The Empire is afraid of us" among the current discussions.


So, Inouye forgot that Hawai`i is not America, adn it never will be!

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Na nā akua e hoʻolaʻa i keia pae ʻāina nei!
Hiki nō e ʻOhukaniʻōhiʻa!

Me ke akua pū!

Janos Keoni Samu


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