One such community I am concern with are our young people and their vulnerability to understand the many hazards that are out there for them to fall prey to.

One being illegal use of prescriptions drugs that are sold on cyber space!  What may seem a right thing to do today, is actually very harmful in the long run.  I deal with people that are on prescription drugs each day.  And what can I say our ancestors did not have the many prescribed illegal drugs to get through the day

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Aloha Kaohi:

I am glad you've brought out this issue.  We know the U.S. government have been part of this practice to keep underprivileged and the poor under control by this diversive and devastating practice.   It behooves us to counter this type of action and especially turn our youth away from this debillitating behaviour.  Drug usage is a weapon the U.S. uses and we should not buy into it.  We should encourage our youth to move to more healthy practices and away from being depended on such debillitating practices that will destroy their lives.  There are other healthy activities that make them stronger individuals with more control over their lives as our kupuna lived. 


The lives we lead today is askewed with many pitfalls which we can overcome with the support of our community.  More adults should take hold of this situation and show more love and compassion for our struggling youth who are worth more than they think they are.  Our youth is our pride and our future for a stronger and better community.  Let's not let the U.S. Americans win in this battle.  Ho'olokahi a me holomua.


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