Anyone got any action lately that they wanted to share? (spiritually that is)...

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If not lately, then perhaps a recalling of an older, maybe formative spiritual action in your life?
Aloha kakou.

This past June I had a dream about a waterfall and behind it was one of those kinds of things you make as a kid - a piece of construction paper with macaroni glued to it. The macaroni spelled out love. Behind me my Tutu told me that "all that matters in the end is love." Yeah, I had this dream the night of the anniversary of her passing in '81 and during a time that I was having a lot of pilikia dealing with some resurfacing anger toward my parents and life in general. Anyway, it was a vivid dream that had a profound effect on me. Mahalo for letting me share.
Just wanted to leave you something that has been in my family for generations. Only some of my brothers and sister has a little of what was passed on. I received a lot of it. Had to go through dealing with it and making my own understanding. I have been in touch with spirits far and beyond. Alot of my anchestors come forth in my body and speak to me or to other spiritual matters. It's been about over fifteen years since this has happened and I had to struggle through this experience all by myself practically. I approached my mother and asked her about it. To see if she knew anything about what I was going through. she said yes. She can hear me talking in the bedroomto someone, but not sure who it was or is. She said, That she hoped that we her children would not have to experience it. She noticed some had a little of it. My conversation with my mother ended while the spirits from within came out and spoke to her regarding the situation between my sister and I and also what was going on in my life. I had experienced death many times without knowing, that I stand strong among the spirits in the spirital realms itself. They came to help me in my time of need. Help me get through everything that I am going through even today. I have learn a lot of things that others wish they new. It is so deep. It's not that they know everything, but they learn, so they can pass it on where it needs to be. I guess I am considered to be a channeller. Talk about family. Koko is important.
Let me tell some things I have learned from my anchestors and family members. Truth!! Trust!! Love!! Honesty!! Friends!! Compassion!! Where the heart layeth!! Family!! Fight for what you believe in!! Culture!! Religion!! Who and what I am!! Do not be a shamed!! Lines and why they are drawn!! So much that it would be a long list.
I am so proud that I have come along ways and got to learn so much. Spirits are amazing and I would have it no other way. Tonight, like every night for over fifteen years I will listen to the spirits that speak through my body to the spirits here among us and farther out into the universe itself. They exist and are as real like any other in this world. We all need to make it a better world for our children. They are the key to the future. The river of life. If we have no children, then the river will dry up and so will our anchestors. Family is so important. Our anchestors are in us all the time. But it is our life and our time. Hawaiians are a dying species and race. We need to save what we have because that is all that we have left.
Our anchestors are watching. Don't think that they do not know. Don't call them only when you run into problems. Invite them into your everyday life. Lots of love and aloha to all.

aloha kakou,

all of your experiences is interesting as I know you felt loved and comforted. My life took on a change when I turned 10 years. The night proved to be interesting, warm and the light bugs were swarming around the veranda of my parents home and I commented to mama if it meant we will have rain. Then shortly afterwards there were no bugs and we were laughing as my dad commented the bugs heard me. I went to sleep and it seems like minutes when I was awaken to look outside my bedroom window and saw the sky was pitched black and there were no lights in the streets. Out of the corner of my eye, there hung a huge round disc. It was bright burnt orange that I sprang out of the bed to wake up mama. She moaned not to go too far. I walked down into the yard by my bedroom window to examine the disc and felt a warmth I felt but cannot explain. I sat on the stone and realized it was the moon. A woman's voice called me asking how I was and she was happy I was turning 10. I was still wondering who she was and asked her if she was my grandma and apologized. I asked grandma why were there so many pukas in her and she laughed. She laughed more when I asked if the pukas were doors opening to cities and if people really live with her.  She sighed and said man has such an imagination. I laughed and agreed and said nobody will believe when I tell them she  came to see me and thanked her for the visit. I laid my head down on the stone and closed my eyes as she spoke in a whisper. Next thing, I heard the rooster calling for the sun. My best friend called me a liar and I suppressed her (grandmas') visit. The news never spoke of the moon being unusually different in color or bright like the sun as I remembered it before I turned 10 years. Grandma said she will come again like the sun to visit. I never gave it thought but not long ago as I was sitting outside my home, I saw the moon unusually large like the sun in brightness. When the news spoke of it, I sighed" you did keep your promise grandma," thank you. The spirit world and the physical world happens here in hawaii nei. Just those who are foreign to our country will never believe or understand but will agree when I say, "be glad you live in hawaii."


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