How much of a role did/does the "spiritual world/realm" have/had in Hawaiian culture?

Ok I have a ninau....

How much of a role did the spiritual realm/world have in Hawaiian culture?? did it play an active role in the decisions being made? did it affect the way basic things were done such as, food, kapa, work, play? was it the basis in which Hawaiian culture was built upon? or was it just a portion of Hawaiian culture?

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I believe alot of the spirituality plays a big part in the way we carry ourselves whether we want to believe it or not.

Some of the people don't want to talk about it because others are watching, listening and waiting to steal your sentiments.

You obviously have had alot of interesting dreams and experiences? I have too. But when I talk about it, people cringe because they have never experienced something like that.

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Follow this link Towards the bottom of the page, look for Kumu Taupouri Tangaro. He is Aunty Kekuhi's husband and Aunty Pualani Kanahele-Kanaka'ole's son-in-law. He gives a great lecture on spirituality.
I was raised to believe spirituality played an integral part of all aspects in a Hawaiian's life. Everything was done with spirituality as part of one's actions and in a manner of thinking. We ask permission, blessings, safe passage, protection, guidance, thanksgiving, etc. We acknowledge our kuleana to be pono in all we do and think; and what goes around - comes around. The essence of being pono is important and aloha for all. That's pretty much how I was raised.
everything hawaiian connects with beliefs and in every culture, there is a physical side and a spiritual side of us. In every country, leaders look for advisors who have a higher authority, even Kamehameha, he sought Kihawahine and her home of Moku ula Village in Lahaina and the spiritual women like Keopuolani. His children through her were said to have mana greater than his. We have Ke Akua, Father of Celesstial Light and from him we have light and become light bearers long before the arrival of missionairies to hawaii. Our Kupunas passed on to us the way we must bear that light for those who would come from our piko into the world of po and become the light bearers in these islands we call home. We already knew of Love, long before foreigners came to teach it because we were born into love, nurtured and raised with love around us. What we were not knowledgable of were those who came dressed in sheep's clothing but who were wolves underneath it all. Their speech were like that of an asp, smooth, sweet and deadly. Their ways were foreign even to love and their thinking were all but ohana, more like individual. They lived surrounded by strangers from the same homeland and that was all. A few looked down on others because they were not refined, civilized and their speech were not seven times clarified by fire. They just ended a civil war and now they were looking for more barbaric people to educate and this they found in us hawaiians. We were children and to them, we were anything but equal. Our way of life was which our culture was built on and one they desired to take advantage of and here we are today. Aloha

Everyday was a spiritual journey for the Hawaiians. It is what we lived life by..the culture was deeply rooted in the spirit. They are one and the same...

Because their are crazies like Makamae who calls her self a Huna Priestess, on maoliworld...I won't go further but spirit was and still is part of our lives.. I have no doubt about that. Mahalo~
While I am not Hawai'ian and therefore do not speak for them, I have found Hawai'i to be the most spiritual place I have experienced. The basic premise seems to me to be a respect for Ke Akua, the environment, and kaokou. Being a part of everything, you are greatful for everything, and therefore giving thanks is the premise from which one starts.

Aloha,yes the spiritual realm/world/etc. plays a big part and sometimes it can control one  in many ways. It is also sometimes hard because when people hear or see one speaking about those before like ancestors,etc.often times they think one is crazy and needs help.


aloha, on your question, I will say what was said in the days of my great great great grandpa Kakuhiewa, "he lani, i luna, he honua, i lalo."  This was repeated even in the days of grandpa Lupekapu, king consort to grandma Kalaimanuia and during the days of grandpa "keliimaikai" and each island as told to me when I was little growing up by my kupunas. Everything done in the physical world is observed by the spirit world. God is not one to be mocked. So, we must keep our focus and not be imitating those who by their actions have no respect for kupunas, kahus or even the one who by the divine rights of kings sits on the throne for each answer to the one higher like you read in hemolele babiblia, "the head of the woman is man, the head of the man is Christ and the head of Christ is IO." Children, listen to your parents as our lord listened to his when on the earth for the promise is, "you will live a long long time". So, food, kapa, work and play is a part of the life given with parents who went thru these before you and know what to avoid and who would make a lasting impression on your life and when we are young, we do well when we listen, don't you agree?


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