You ever feel like where you are, you aren't really there? Or something is pulling you to places and you don't know why or who is doing the pulling? Or you can see a place that you've never seen before but can describe it clearly and even interact with the person/people involved without physically being there?

Being spiritual is not just about that whole Feng Shui thing, it's something more, like knowing things you're not supposed to know (practically speaking, of course).

The hard thing is controlling it and interpreting events...

.. but, do you ever feel?

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After being in special places, I find myself returning there in my sleep, I awaken to my own bed, and my spirit is far, far away. The places pull at me, and part of my being is left in those places, so that I am not whole again until I return. Kaho'olawe is such a place, as is Rapanui, as is the valley of Wailau on Moloka'i, as is the heiau of Pu'u Kohola at Kawaihae, as is the summit crest of Poamoho on O'ahu nei. Funny how you used the word "pull" to describe it. When I awaken suddenly and my spirit is traveling, it is as if there is a long elastic band stretched so thin that most of my being is far away and my physical kino is nearly an empty shell. It takes effort to return as I lie in the darkness in my own bed, yet feeling as if I not truly in it...

Funny, it should be disturbing to experience such things, but instead it is quite comfortable to me. The forest entrance chant, Kau ka hali'a speaks directly of this phenomenon:

Kau ka hali'a i ka manawa he hiamoe ka'u
ho'ala ana 'oe
O oe o Halaulani, o Hoakalei
Me he manu ke kani nei i ke kuahiwi, kualono...

The unbidden vision comes upon me in the time I should be sleeping
You awaken me
You are Halaulani, Hoakalei
With the sound of birds calling in the upland, on the ridges...

the oli goes on to say that this is why you must return to be again a companion to those ridges and uplands. Once you have gone to them, part of you is there, and the places and all the kino there pull at you until you return.

aloha kakou,

I felt my na'au when I was younger, I was helping my dad put up some fence posts in the back of the land near some plum tree groves. We worked through the morning digging holes w/ the o'o and shovel and I wanted to sit in the shade of the trees but my dad told me not to. I never questioned or talked much when we worked, but I felt as if someone was watching us from the trees and didn't want to be caught sitting down. The next day after school, I ventured to the edge of the groves by myself and saw a HUGE moss covered stone under one of the trees. I felt my na'au telling me to run home! I got chicken skin and my hair on my arm was standing up. I noticed at that moment that the trees were quiet- the wind had stopped. Then I could only hear myself running with my dad 's big rubber garden boots, and for some reason it seemed like forever to get back to my house. I told my brother what happened and he only looked at me and told me "you nevah know?" He said it may be a heiau, no one really knows. Even until today I don't walk back there without a good reason. A sad thing is that I can see some development behind the plum trees now days and some of the grove is gone. I hope the huge stones are unmoved- that would be a good enough reason to go back ..I'll need someone to come check with me because I aint goin by myself!!
Mahalo nui!.

Your discussion has helped me to realize that I should check on the stone and will try and get my brother to go with me. I feel I should check before September ends and I'll bring a ho'okupu this time
before running off..
I've had different experiences. Through my dreams mostly. I used to visit strange places and when I grew up and traveled, I went to places and experienced deja vu. There were many places I went to for the first time and felt I had been there before. Funny, I always knew my bearings and never got lost in those foreign countries; even a few people looked awfully familiar like I knew them. Some felt as if they knew me before.

Some dreams I went into the past to try and change things in Hawai'i; it never worked out. How awlful I felt that I couldn't change history but understood things better. Sometimes there would be a ringing sound, then a weight on my body that I couldn't breathe or move. I tried to scream or clap my hands to break it sometimes, I was able to break it by doing one of those things.

One of the strangest was when I was with Berry World Tours and three other tour directors shared the room at the Ilikai Hotel. I was sleeping on the livingroom foldout bed and two others were in the bedroom and the other was out partying. The ringing started which woke me and I thought, "Shit! Not again!"; but this time it was different. As I glanced toward the curtain-covered sliding door of the balcony, I saw an akulele trying to get in. The weight began to push me down and I couldn't breathe. I called out for my tutuman who was home in Wahiawa; suddenly a silhouette of him appear through the wall and sat between me and the akulele. I could see his profile as the flame became brighter and moved with a frenzy until it burst into little tongues of clandle-like flames which dispersed throughout the room and back into darkness. From the artificial light that shone into the room, I saw tutuman stand up and retreat through the wall of the room and disappear. I noticed the weight left me and I began to breathe normally. I was left in a cold sweat and took a while before I fell to sleep once again. I thanked my tutuman for interceding for me. Whoever wanted to do me harm failed because my tutuman's love for me prevented that. Whenever I visited him, he got an extra hug from me. Years passed and I had to say aloha no ia to a great man whom I miss so very much till today. Mahalo ia 'oe e Tutukane, ku'u aloha ia 'oe hemea po'ina 'ole!
Hmmm...this is a loaded question...I will share some experiences I have had which addresses these questions in some form or another...SMILE.

exhale....depending where I am in the moment with my body - I like where I am and at times I'm not really there...sleep is one area which I will explain further in my response. But in answer to something pulling me in places and don't know why or who is doing the pulling...I have had this happen alot in my past but for the reason of saying in my mind that I'm too busy to take the time I have bypassed many incidents whereas today I embrace the pulling with discretion of waiting and analyzing why I am in the presence of a situation or with a person - I receive the answers through the waiting and practice KINA'OLE.. Before the deaths of my respected kupuna I was drawn to places, after the death of my kupuna I have drawn more to people - I sense something which they are not sensing themselves because they are in an unconcious state, feeling down, staring into space or for the most part, they start conversation. Others I feel energy if their own energy is directed at me - it stirs me and I respond from who wants to take and not be reciprocal in their energy. Chi, shakra, na'au, etc...whatever you want to call it - it's just ENERGY.. To see a place I've never seen before but can describe it clearly and even interact with the person/people involved without physically being there - I can't say yes and no to this question because currently I'm having different experiences in this area which is why I'm drawn to this site to see if there are those maybe who are or have experienced what this question is addressing Yes I have seen a place I don't recall being at before, yes I can describe it clearly but it is usually in synchronicity with a person as if we were there at the same time in our experience.....let me explain further in relation to SLEEP but before I do, I'll speak of other experiences because I feel this ties in together with this loaded question.....

From a young age I had many many experiences with people and places with different relatives and close family friends from my past. Some explainable and some unexplainable leaning more to the supernatural occurrences. Also at a young age of two (maybe younger but I can only recall from this age), I was taken to see healers who did specific protocols which my mother never explained to me why but I knew I had to do as the healer instructed and be quiet unless being spoken to. Now my mother was not hawaiian but her mother-in-law would direct her on who to see and why - my father was never involved in this for it was only a maternal nurturing duty. For the most part my healers were for sprains and strains which I understood the medicine ti-wraps to bring the swelling down and I welcomed them because they worked faster than the conventional way of medicine. There were times I wasn't feeling sick but I was taken to a few other healers that gave me chicken skin every time I seen them - they had this energy. I say this now because I understand today what it meant. When I went to see these healers, they did their protocols, we listened and we never talked about it when we left the location but the feeling from a young age I knew it was of course not conventional treatment, gave me the willies or "chicken skin" but innately I felt alive. I never asked questions but now I know today, they were the ones to fix the chi, shakra, the na'au, keeping in order energy...I just know that whatever they did in their protocol I really felt alive in spirit. Now only 3 of the 5 healing styles are alive today because their family members have been passed on the gift. The other 2 replacements is probably skipping a generation or two becasue there is no one open to take the craft These healers don't advertise their craft, it is just what is passed on to the right ones. You can't take a class for this like todays thinking To have this in your life is a precious gift.

I have known a story of a 2 year old child, in the 60's that took ill and in critical condition in a hospital and doctors could not find what was wrong with the child and the family was told he was going to die - they did not know of the craft. Desperate for a cure, they brought in one of these healers and overnight baby began the recovery process. It took a few remedies but now I understand that their chi, shakra, energy was put back in alignment. Unless you have taken tai chi or understand chinese philosopy as one way of education on this subject of balance, you can understand how being out of balance can bring you slow death to have serious illnesses or immediate death if you are a weak spirit - weak because you invite chaos and drama into your life which you alone create Death not just of a physical form but of a mental and emotional form which changes who you really are innately. The good book says that God created you in his likeness so we all have that healing energy in all of us, its just that we don't tap into this daily. If the chinese martial artist can move their body as if in flight who says you are not able to do this in some manifested's all relative and all energy. This same philosophy of "moving" energy can also move on in different areas of the mind....dreams...deep sleep...when we awake, is that our reality or is our mind in sleep our true reality which we seem to not have the understanding of controlling?...hmmmm....this is where it can get complexed.

Up until I was in my 20's I had a lot of deja vus where you say to yourself, hey I was here or this is familiar and then you go about your business not asking the next question which is "why". Innately I knew the situation was familiar but didn't entertain the thought of finding answers maybe because I wasn't yet ready for the "why" answer?. Yet I came from a thinking of "you will know when it is time". After my 20's I noticed I was not having any more deja vus but now saying, I was here and now willing to explore the why through waiting... I started tai chi classes and found with each time centering my chi I was emotional and would just sob during the class. The instructor noticed this but didn't ask and would stand close to me while we did the moves and he would pinpoint positioning of my hands for peprfection and when he did this it closed the doors to my tears. He later would give me some books to read mainly in poetry form which would help me in my walk. I then wanted to know more and questioned the why because I was still not having anymore deja vus. The closest thing that you can find in a book from a narrative experience to explain the beginning process of this is from the the book entitled Celestine Prophecy. When this book was on the stands and became a best seller just the title itself to me said haole and I stayed away from it. But because I kept seeing the book and it was a hype, I purchased it but didn't read it for months until I gues I was ready. Once I began reading it, there ws a few times in the beginning I had to take a break and absorb it and find some peace with it and then I couldn't stop and wanted it to continue. There has not been a good companion from this even in the sequel Insights that followed - it was not doing anything for me in a deeper understanding. Then in my late 30's I had a bit of an awakening on a personal level of change after taking tai chi classes. Now the deja vus were more like, why am I here, where is the answer? Why am I in the presence of this person, where is the answer? Since that day, I no longer experience deja vus but it is more of a recognition that "ahhh, that is why I am here to do this or that" - given whatever the situation is telling me a path to walk. Once I get the "aha" moment I watch it unfold before me with people and places and things. The ride is for the most part pleasant.

My experience broadened more with my dreams being more on a story form of people and places. Why was I dreaming of people I had never met? Why are they in my dreams? Is this the advanced stage from a deja vu? The education I innately received from Celestime Prophecy was to explore the moment for within that moment if I don't respond I may lose the opportunity for the answer - but with this came some form of waiting. I had to innately feel the vibration from it to key in when it was time. Today I ask guidance from my higher power, God (for the sake of my story here) I speak this in my core, na'au not thinkig from a voice in my head - there is a difference. the voice in the head only questions the gut feeling to correlate the thinking of "is that what it means, or is that what it's saying?"

I began attracting people of this same walk in my answers - I wanted to understand the question of "why".Mainly it came from men who also did some form of martial arts in their path and wanting to find enlightenment. This history of these men on a genealogical level was their family had some kind of impact on a social level from where their family started, their geographical country - their roots who all have healers in their line. So far, I have had the opportunity to be in the company of 4 of these men. One I am working with currently, my first love from my past when I was 13 back then he was 17 - we reconnected from his prompt now by e-mail only for he lives quite a distance and we are not able to travel to see each other. We have not even talked on the phone because it isn't possible to connect due to the time zones. Before all of this I had dreams of him like all the others from my past before - we have come to understand we are a form of soul mate or soul guides having had a form of enlightenment. There are different forms of "being in the moment" with different types of people. For me now I am experiencing this and I feel this is when the universe brings people in our lives for a specific reason whether for purpose of closure or purpose of moving forward from the closure to graduate to a higher level of being. This now brings me to what modern day we call astral travel and dreams....for sake of time I will take a break from this lengthy response and come to this again in the next few soon as I am done with my deadlines I have I will finish up my thoughts on this and maybe you all can absorb my thoughts as I have written so far.

Mahalo for allowing me to share... continue on astral...astral projection and astral travels I have experienced them both, the travels I have done then up through now - today I no longer remember most of my dreams at least for now. Perhaps it's because I need to process the dreams I have had which brings me to connect and reconnect with some people in my life today....I'll explain further in my story...

First off, as to astral projection, or "out of body experience" some call it "life after death experience" it happened when I was 6 years old. I was in a very bad accident where my bicycle of three days old I had for my birthday collided with an older dodge truck which commercial and state/county vehicles would own back in the days. They were very broad and high off the ground and green...remember those in the mid to late 60's? Anyway my bike going only 1-5 miles an hour in speed starting off at a downhill grade; collieded with this truck going about 35 miles an hour. I remember the impact of the bike hitting the front grill and bumper of the truck and the hood ornament creating a wound to my chin of 32 stitches, I flew off the bike into the air and landed on the paved county highway impacting my left side of my body. Had a hip fracture and severe concussion. The two days prior I had just received it for my birthday, had to learn how to balance and ride for it was my first two wheeler.
Reminder that my father was always "learn the hard way and things will come easy" - so I never had a training wheel experience...well, it was a boys bike 3 shifter they didn't have a girls bike in stock when my parents got it. Although I know my father got it anyway because having an engineering mind he knew it was better streghth and structure having the bar extending from the seat to the base of the steering neck. The shifter being on this bar as well. His decision saved my life because we didn't have to wear safety gear, just get a bicycle plate throught the county. I remember seeing the blueness of the sky and pillow white clouds and then all was a blackout until I was 23 years old. So for 17 years I knew my mind had recorded what happened in between the moments of my accident, the ride to the hospital and awakening on the hospital bed in the emergency room
hearing Dr. Tablet talk to me as he was sewing up my chin. What a sight for a 6 year old waking to a needle
and black thread and the tug at each careful mending to close the deep wound to the bottom of my chin. It was a miracle my face was saved from such an accident. My body felt so achy and sore and I would black out until the next morning noting then it was body creating a shutdown to not feel the pain to heal and recover.

Bring me up to age 23...I was just finishing reading a passage from the bible lying in bed and I positioned my body to get off the bed when...WHAM my body was pushed back onto the bed and all the memories of my blackout ran like a movie in broad daylight...I was absorbing everything in, the noises, the people, who was there physically and who was there spiritually like a dream I knew but stuffed in my mind. When it stopped I was in awe and was very relaxed. From this experience it opened me up spiritually to new things and even seeing some miracles happen in my life even though I was 5000+ miles away from home.

What happened in this projection screen was what my body, mind and emotions held as if I was rebooted from the passage I read and the great feeling I had at the time I was reading - life was good. The time lapse I had in 1969 seeing the visions before me all happened in my conscious state that afternoon in Oregon. Later on my journey back to the islands in 1989 would bring to me the connection of people to have in my life from the start of this accident God allowed to happen in my life. I have come to believe that there really are no accidents but reasonings behind what God allows to show us or not show us. This has to do with the beginning of Adam and Eve which I will touch basis on later in this lengthy discussion.

So I had an out of body or astral projection experience from the moment of impact, seeing the sky and pillowy
clouds and the severe pain I had...BLACKOUT. The out of body experience - just like the one in the movie GHOST with Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore - happened to me. I even saw the shadows of the people on the other end lined up from one side to the next and opened a space for me to come as they were waiting - it was quiet and peaceful on that end and the feeling was love, family, friends and familiarity. There was a light at the end of this pathway tunnel but I knew if I went there it would mean I was choosing to die.

I then jumped back into my body and heard a buzzing and felt a ring of this buzz around my whole body beginning from my head. I think this was when my body was going througha a short circuit of my nervous system and body then kicking in endorphines to fight the pain and numb myself. The pain was so great I choose to step out of my body and this is what happened....

I remember the chaos of all the men in the truck stopping the truck to get out and get help - It was Mr. Ito Inow deceased) and his crew, he was a industrial/commercial constractor. Our home was being built and we were living with my maternal grandparents at the time up Halaula Mauka. The neighbor diagionally across from me I seen him in the store just yesterday as he enjoyed seeing me alive with my two little ones; always reminding me of the accident and how scared he was almost 30 years ago today...this neighbor came to me first and panicked and decided to carry me to my parents since it happened only a few feet from my grandparents driveway to the house. My parents were packing to go to the beach and thought I was in the yard...I didn't listen to my mom and why I believe through "not listening" I had this experience. Apparently when I was out of my body I was VERY VERY VERY VERY heavy - like the stories you hear of how heavy a corpse in a coffin can be before you put it in the ground as told by pall bearers likened to what they equate as being "he/she nevah like go". When I was back in my body he was able to manage my weight. I was a chubby 6 year old and probably weighed 50 lbs. But for a athletic man to say he had a hard time to carry me, he just didn't understand that every time he called on Jesus' name and said the words to help him carry me to my parents, I went back into my body which allowed him to carry me up to the open carport of my grandparents. I now heard screaming and crying from my grandmother and mother and my mother asking my father if I was father didn't panic but yelled for the car and explained to my mom to get in the passenger and to just keep my hands out to cradle me and not to lift me up in case a bone was broken. She was scared but my father did best by thinking positive and they drove me to the hospital. Reminder that when I would open my eyes my mom who was praying felt more at comfort compared to closing my eyes. My dad had to remind her I was still alive as long as I was breathing and that I was only sleeping. Mom was too freaked out to have my dad explain it fully to my mom but dad picked the right words because it is really painful for a mother to see a child in this condition with blood everywhere.

So what happened in my BLACKOUT times? Here's what happened....

Once I hit the highway pavement from being 12 feet into the air I was seeing this all happening about 5 feet away and I was holding a hand of someone to the left of me. I seen from his hand down a white robe and sandals the energy I felt holding my hand was a male being that seemed familiar in all the love I was feeling.
I immediately asked this being, "Am I dead? I don't want to die, I don't want to die, I don't want to die, I'll be good, I'll be good, I don't want to die". I knew that this being had some connection to what I was saying as if he could choose or mediate for me to live or die. The calming male voice answered and said, "You are not dead, you are just asleep". We watched everyone from the neighborhood come to the scene of the accident, crying of this neighbor friend who panicked and the dirver saying it wasn't his fault, it wasn't his fault trying to explain what happened to the neighbor guy, I had an opportunity to go back into my body during this period so that the people present would know I could be saved as I was breathing when I was back into my body.

In back of me and this spiritual being (I came to an agreement at this age the being was Jesus, because I was a practicing Catholic with my maternal grandparents at this age because we were living with them) there was another energy but it felt quite small and it felt like it was child but I didn't want to turn my head back to see as I concentrated on seeing myself out of my body looking at the horrible incident. I know that the child behind me was sad, felt alone, was male and was waiting....I remember thinking who is this child and why is he with Jesus?

We followed the neighbor man to the garage and I felt all their pain and said nothing as I watched how horrified my family was and in a panic. The screams were like hearing someone lose their loved one to death - it has a distinct sounding cry - soul wrenching. When I was held by my mother in the front seat of our 1963 white baracuda still in the car, dad evaluating my body position, checking if I'm breathing, etc all before backing out the driveway and when my mom asked my dad "is she dead" because I closed my eyes it was when I was sitting in the back seat of the car watching and feeling all the emotions of my parents and how much love I felt they had for me. I felt two presence in the back seat with me, the little boy and the spiritual being or angel - Jesus. When I awoke in my body to calm my mother on the way to the hospital I moved my head to the right to get a good look at the little boy sitting with Jesus in the back seat of our baracuda. I rememember he was wearing a striped collared shirt, jeans, shoes and holding a toy of some sort. I equated the feeling of the entities as having the keys to life and death and this boy would be my playmate in heaven.

On the contrary, this boy was not there for that reason...this little boy was a boy I met 2 1/2 years prior to my back flash but I wouldn't remember this until my return to Hawaii in 1989.

So long story short, I am alive after that experience with many other experiences to follow. And with that, I will take a break and come back to finish the story of this little boy and the dreams I would have later down the road after my return to Hawaii until we finally meet....From "astral projection" my next part of this lengthy story will take this to "astral travels" and dreams...

Mahalo for allowing me to share...
So…this "little boy" in my astral projection in 1969 whom I met 2 ½ years prior to my backflash….I’ll tell you some of the stories that I can recall up until me knowing who this person was and our destiny together in meeting and what has actually happened.

In my first years of college, I stayed at a ash housing (Adult Student & Faculty Housing) for Lane College and University of Oregon – there was a 3 year waiting list to get on this federal subsidized housing 1,2,3 bedroom units, well maintained in a very nice neighborhood. Thanks to my mom and her persistence she got me a 1 bedroom furnished apartment for $93.00 per month. After a few months of being there, I found that the housing unit was about 2/3rd a partying crowd the other thirds were either married with children and former military or rehabilitated workers and the others being either faculty living out their youth or squares/nerds. The area had other high end condos around it – really nice place. So as I look back at my college years this is what happens…

Upon registering for classes as I was heading out the administration building, I feel someone watching me the energy was so overwhelming…I look up immediately and there were 3 guys smiling and they all waved – one of them stood out; I went up to the building to see who they were. They were guys just recarpeting the dean’s office for the remodel. I would end up seeing them again in my neighborhood as they were renting a high end condo across from where I was residing. This one guy who stood out was 6’2”, well built and did tai chi in our grass courtyard and drove an older bizzerini – all the girls would enjoy watching him work out and amazed at all this stretches, one in particular where he takes two chairs, spread them apart to hold his legs and he would level himself in a stretch. I thought he was first hand a show off, later I found out that he was military on a short leave helping his uncle on flooring contracts in Oregon - his stretch move with the chairs would be a signature of Jean Claude Van Damme – found out later that he was the guy that put that knot on Van Damme’s head in a fight; a role he had in a movie with him later on down the road. So this guy I’m talking about will end up appearing in my life to tie me into
the “little boy” in my life after death experience. I was told of his name once by my college bf but I would only remember him as being the martial artist with the blue and silver bizzerini.

A year later I met him in South Lake Tahoe during thanksgiving weekend, he was a few blocks away from a friend I was visiting - staying at his uncles cabin on military leave; we would just smile and wave, I didn't know him and I always thought he was just a jock kind of guy but each time we would see each other we kind of had to do a double take like "why do we keep running into each other"?.

Thereafter I would meet him in LA airports - I didn't know then until later on down the road he was stationed in San Diego/USMC. I spent some time in Huntington Beach before college ending and after college and would meet him in high end clubs. He bought a line of drinks for my cousins and friends and that was the last I would see him until I came back to Hawaii.

I just started work with state gov't and every morning I would meet him in a black mercedes as I turned up at the intersection of my office building. Again we'd just wave and smile. In building our home, I walk into the house to check on the guys doing the carpeting and I feel energy - weird, who was it but these same 3 guys laying the carpeting in my home, I just smiled and didn't say anything just to wait on their prompt. I just hear them laugh like "what is this?" 10 years later and they are in Hawaii? Found out later that their respective fathers owned a carpeting and flooring business on the west coast and in hilo and kona, this guy was again helping while he was on leave from the military.

Again see this guy in a parking lot in Kona after I was finishing lunch with a client and later I would meet up with this guy in a high end club here in Hawaii in 1996 while I was going through a divorce of my first marrage. We talk for just a short time and I connect with him again in 1998. We began conversation on spirituality and dreams. We share our dreams from our past and then we find that we are in synchronicity in how our dreams unfold. We are careful to only tell each other things as they unfold and we each finish the dream by prompt - to then find that this "little boy" in the dream was this martial art, military guy now "former military", it was him in the back seat of the car. He said at that time when I was having my accident he was in grammar school and all of a sudden he was crying and crying and couldn't stop crying that the school had to call his mom to pick him up to figure out why he was crying and wouldn't stop. His cyring put him to sleep when he went home and after that he said that he had an enormous sense of sadness overwelm him and he was dressed as I saw him in my dream and yes holding a toy because he was paying with other children in his group and was frozen in place, very sad an crying in a sob; at that time and here and now, he was 3 years younger than I, I was to turn 7 years old 3 months after my bicycle accident he was 4 years old and in kindergarten. Thereafter he shares his dreams with me and in synchronicity I was in his dreams and I remember them all as we converse for two nights about all of this - I even visited him in my dreams when he was ill and close to death; prior to even we initially meeting when I moved to Oregon to go to college. How we end up meeting again for the last time was due to an article I was featured in , Summer 1998 issue of Mutual Funds magazine a photo with my girls, single mom working with state gov't, also a business owner talking about simple IRAs. He subscribed to the magazine, could not believe his eyes, tracked me down, called me up and rest's another long story and now we are married.

That "litte boy" in my life after death experience was Bill, my current husband...SMILE. So with that I end this story. The other dreams I have had even after I have married has brought me to reconnect with lost loves wherein we both needed closure and that has happened with two guys I have reconnected with in the last few months over the internet. One of them was a friend of my husband who actually kept us apart knowing Bill had feelings for me since the first time he saw me in Oregon.
Aloha eia nei:

This is chicken-skin beautiful. Mahalo for sharing this intimate experience. I think some of us can relate to this. Energy works in wondrous ways; it's just that we should learn to recognize it and embrace it, eh? There is much we may not know and understand; experiences brings us closer to it and may understand it a teeny bit better.

Mahalo hou,

Aloha Uncle Tane,

Here in my experience, I believe that when we start to not have deja vus we only progress to another question to get to a higher level, the question is "why this or why now or what does this all mean?" What I mentioned earlier about Adam & Eve. My opinion on this in relation to astral incidences is that they both ate from the knowledge of good and evil - could that have mean making a determination of what was good and bad energy? Energy is energy how it is manifested in a situation can be positive or negative.

Another thing....there's this TV series which became also a movie, Stargate - here you have a ring of energy that can allow a person to astral travel. I think with just these types of theories, if we were initially given the gift of knowledge instead of meddling or interfering with the process, our awakening spirit would be able to see more of what is out there in our spiritual world. It is there, and there are those in this world who are so much more sensitive to see them. Some say those with mental illness are able to see, speak and have conversations with "the other side" and see "roaming spirits" who have not transcended to another level of life.

If we think about it....are hallucinating schizophrenians really crazy or is their chi so out of whack that what they see in front of them is their reality? And that we are blinded to what they are so sensitive in seeing? Or are we also capable of innately denying what we are seeing and store it in the back of our minds to process when we can handle what we see? A lot of sci-fi movies or thrillers are speculating this in movies.

But here on our island, there is one place I know of that na kahuna would utilitze to transport warriors and chiefs of old from one island to another. Yes, a "beam me up scottie" experience type of PORTHOLE. One of the openings of this porthole is also used currently by the military and under much controversy - for those who know the information of this, you know where I speak about. You ever wonder why military is so involved in some areas more than others? Remember they have divisions of the "paranormal" in government. Military either speculates special areas or just by coincidence they occupy an area of significance.

When I speak of this, it was not uncommon for other "spirit mediums, guides or entities" to do this from a tribal aspect - Incas, Egyptians, East/West Indians, etc - they had their gift of paranormal activity. I have seen some of these forms in my lifetime - I only equate it attracting it because of the father of Kupuka'a, line in my father's mother's side of the family. With this connection I think it is why I have been open or made aware of it.

The celtics still practice this, those who practice "seeing in the future" or who can ask to summon to see "someone" in the future is alive in todays world - with this special disc from their past. When I say past, think of the days of the vikings - their craft is waaay OLD. They were big men liken to our own warriors of our past who were TOWERING men used just for fighting.
So old, it would be lucky if you can even find this information on the internet - like hawaiian issues of old, it isn't talked about. From my travels in the past, I've been in the presence of those who practiced this art/craft in their own culture - it can wipe you out or cause great sickness or death if not careful the purposes of the use. Again it has to do with ENERGY.
This is so intereting. I can feel lots of power spots on this island and yes I do feel the militaryʻs presence in these power places however I also feel that they somtimes have a hard time reconnected or going through these potholes.
I saw the words "who is doing the pulling"... that is very interesting... I have had such feelings since I was very small... I believe I know exactly what you mean... it still comes over me once in a while... almost as if there are alternate realities, and this is just one of them that I belong to...

I also have different dream states...

Thank you for sharing that... I need to think about this more...

ye, i know what you mean. i would see places i have never been before. but the day comes when i am somewhere and i started out what comes next and so on and my friend would say, you sure you nevah come here before. ive been there in spirit but not in the physical untill that time. you ever fly after you go to bed and see the landscape below?it is beautiful.

I started on the day my mom passed away in 2003 and haven't slept for 3 days because she choose me to do what was right and letting my siblings know exactly what my mom wanted. After I told my family I slept so good after her spreading of ashes. Then I was chosen again by her to connect famillies and the relation part and I did.Now its 2012 and my neck and head hurts because another chosen jurney has come for another ancestor who needs my help. Every time my energy is drained and sometimes get out of hand like hard time focusing. Yes, there are time when I'm taken to a place in my sleep and months after I'm at this place like I've been there before. How does one control this kine stuff? I battle with orbs,etc.Seeing this hawaiian wahine standing at my bedroom door big wahine dressed in white muumuu and climbing into bed with us.Next morning explaned to my husband he pulled out a picture and there she was his hawaiian gramma.SOOOO many stuff beyond my control sometimes freaks me out.


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