Now Bronson, please behave yourself or you'll have to stand in the corner.

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what did I do wrong?


undefined"....Yes there is no one running for the kings seat yet.  That is open for the taking, so who ever you think that has a chance tell them to run for that when that election opens....."

"Okay for the monarch,  no one is running for that position yet."


Ali'ilani e Kalipi,  I  am following your suggestion here.  And getting more and more excited !!

Let's be clear here.  Are you suggesting that not only is Henry taking on all comers,  but that Reinstated is going to elect a "figure- head" or "for ceremonial purposes only" ??  We have had a lot of mis- understandings.  I  am not saying anything,   just asking ha'aha'a.


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