kukuna_o_ka_la, many thanks for your knowledge and passing on this valuable document.  Lily was no fool, her strength endures in her spirit - long may she reign.

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"Cleveland tried to pressure the revolutionary government into handing power back to Queen Lili'uokalani. When the American sugar planters threatened to resist by arms and the defiant Queen refused to grant amnesty to the revolutionary leaders -- she wanted them beheaded -- Cleveland washed his hands of the affair in frustration. In a final act of pique, he handed the problem to Congress, where it remained until President McKinley affirmed a joint congressional resolution that made Hawaii an American territory in 1900."

Dr. Keanu Sai:"No such 'joint congressional resolution' ever existed ! That is a lie."

One day Keanu will appreciate how truly artful Our Queen was in negotiating this "Amnesty".


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