Kaohi: Aloha everyone that takes time to design our ancestors knowledge for our mind, body and spirit!

Maoliworld is in peril, we have too many cyber space 'illegal' prescription drug sellers that are preying on our weak and vulnerable family members.  I mean those that are sick and should sick out care from doctors and not from a drug dealer.  

If anyone should understand this human hewa it would be people in the business of tattoo. 

I wish that they would go away, but I suspect their is more than just selling drugs tied into this phenomena.

I suspect they must have help from government procurements, risk diversions, and corporations with no humanity conscious. 

It will take many decades should these people succeed at their destructive behavior.

The construct here is to be out there if you say you are a Hawaiian activist, kahuna, and sweet potatoes, Independence, Hawaiian Nationals, Hawaiian Kingdom and prevent the inevitable of our young people and elderly falling to this game theory.

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