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Hi, I remember Aunt Maraea and Uncle Bishop visited once; Linda with Jean--and Marky--another time; and, a young boy and Kenneth the last time before I joined the WAC.  I remember how delighted my mom always felt whenever our families could get together.  When my husband and I were going back to St. Louis, we stopped by and visited a day and got an early start the next morning to escape the 121 degree F heat we had experienced the day before through the dunes.  I remember seeing truckloads of sugar beets.  Well, there's more to this stark list of memories but I hope we'll be able to talk about it when you visit us soon in Hawaii.  By the way, Dinny's mom married three times and I sure would like to have a reunion too really soon.  You have given me a clue about Ekekela I didn't know until my daughter Gloria told about this website--but while I'm on vacation, I must find sources to collaborate another interesting connection.  Until then, when is your next vacation?  I hope it's before I retire.  I'm listed--call...Emmarose

Dear Emmarose , 

Hello!  It is wonderful to hear from another relative.  Please forgive my ignorance, but it sounds like you are descended from Emma Brede and Aunt Dinny? 

The place you mention with the sand dunes, 121 degree heat and sugar beets is the Imperial Valley in California where I grew up.  You would have visited Grandad Kenneth and Tutu Jean in Brawley, a small town in the Imperial Valley. Great Grandma Marie lived in a small trailer in the back yard of Grandad Kenneth up until the day she died.  Mom has an old newspaper clipping about Grandma Marie's last visit to Hawaii and the reunion they had.

 Marky is my Tutu Jean's sister and she passed away only a few years ago.  Tutu, however, is still very much alive and works full time as a book keeper! 

My mother is Lynda and the young boy you mentioned would be her younger brother, Michael.

There are great big gaps in my knowledge of our Hawaiian relatives and I would love to hear any more memories you have.  One of these days I would like to visit Hawaii but I don't know when that will be.    We recently moved from Reno NV to Houston TX.

I will tell mom and Tutu that I have heard from you they will be very happy to hear it and I will check this website often now I am not so busy with the move!

Please keep in touch and take care.

P.S. You mention your daughter, Gloria, and I know I have heard mom mention that name before but I will ask her. 


Hi Julia,

It's been awhile and I found those family group sheets and also an account by Elia Helekunihi, dictated to him by his father Paulo Lolo Ku (married to Loudia Kalaoa)--Aunt Maraea's grandparents. If you still have my email or phone--text, or message me in private.  

Bye again, Maunaala (cousin Emmarose Fredericks)

Hi Ka'iulani,

I'm afraid I don't have a facebook account, I've always been reluctant to make one because, frankly, I don't want to talk to anybody from my past, LOL. Maoliworld is a first for me as far as signing up to a public forum, I got so excited when I saw your post about the Bredes, I couldn't help myself. :)

Yes, Ekekela is my great-great grandmother she was my great grandma Marie's mother. I did see a post you made on had a membership but let it lapse. I plan on signing up again in a few weeks so I can look up more info.

I found some information on gg-gma Ekekela yesterday on the latter-day saints genealogy website. It listed a Paulo Loloku Kulolo as gg-gma Ekekela's father. It says he was born 1817 in Kaupo, Maui, HI and he died 2 Nov 1866 in Haiku, Mau, HI. Gma Ekekela's mother is listed as Lydia Kalaoa, born 1819 Kaupo, Maui, HI. Strangely enough, it says she died on the SAME day her husband died, 2 Nov 1866! It also says that Lydia and Paulo married in 1838 Kaupo, Maui, HI. However, on this same website, there is another entry for gma Ekekela which says that her mother's name is Luukia Kalaoa...perhaps Luukia translates to Lydia in English?

I talked to my mom yesterday and she may have LOTS more info on gma Ekekela!!!! She said in 1993 a man named Walter Pung Young who lived in Huntington Beach CA. contacted her as he was doing a genealogy chart for the Hawaiian side of the family and he wanted her family information. She says he sent her a 30 page document which goes back to the second century A.D. with our Hawaiian family line!!!! She is making a copy of it and will get it in the mail to me today. Unfortunately, she never got back to him with the info he wanted and she hadn't really looked through what he sent her. I don't know if this Walter Young is even still alive and I have no idea where he got his information from. I will give you the info as soon as I receive the package in the mail.

As for Aunt Denny, my mom says she thinks she is Dora Brede's daughter. Yesterday while doing online searches, I found some info on Dora (daughter of gma Ekekela and gpa William) Brede. Apparently she married a Scottish man who had come over to Hawaii, by the name of Alexander McMagnus. My mom confirmed that she had heard the McMagnus name before, in connection with our family.

(Ha ha sorry I'm writing a wall of text here but I found a lot of info yesterday)

Also, when my mom graduated from High School in the 1950's, she got to visit Hawaii as a graduation present, and she says she visited the graves of gma Ekekela and gpa William at the Kawaiahao Church cemetery. I've never had the pleasure of visiting Hawaii :( , I would like to visit at least once before I die and maybe, as you said, there will be a Brede reunion at some point in the future.

One last thing: many years ago when my ggma Marie was still alive, a woman by the name of Carmen Ewalaniki'eki'e Oliveira visited us. She is part of our Hawaiian family, but I don't know how. I think she married a Brede.... Her grandparent's came from Spain to work in the Sugar fields and she wrote a 28-page family history as part of a college class assignment. There is, apparently, info on the Brede family in this college paper she wrote. She died in a car wreck in the 1970's, but her son, in a newspaper article written in 2001,  said that this paper is at the Bishop Museum. I couldn't find any info on this paper on the Bishop Museum website but I did find a picture of a slide guitar she donated. Here is a link to the article her son wrote in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin:

(I did find, on the University of Hawaii website, reference to a book Carmen wrote, entitled, ALOHA Association Inc., A Nativistic Mellenium Movement. Published 1975. It is only available at the college and cannot be accessed online. My Tutu says she remembers Carmen was working at U of H at the time of her visit to us)


Okay, I'm done lol.  Talk to you soon.


Take care,


Julia Babcock


Been reading your post I too are related. William A breed and Sarah Bride whom are buried at Kawaihau church is my great great grand parents, their son Charles A Bride is my grandfather, who's daughter is Helen E Bride who was married to Gabriel Juarez, they had 4 children, Gabriel Jr., Carmen E., Charles and Irene. Weld as well get more family info..gym maiden name is Loloku. Mahalo's Sylvia Juarez

Hi,  that is very interesting about the family not wanting this family history Carmen wrote to be at the Bishop Museum...let us know if you have any success getting it from the museum.


I do apologize for taking so long since my last entry.  My mom didn't send the genealogy chart in the mail but, she brought it with her a week ago when she and my father visited us here in Reno.   I've had a chance to look it over and it does go all the way back to the second century A.D.. I'm going to try and get in touch with Walter Young (he prepared the document) if he is still alive.  It's a little confusing but as far as I can tell the first ancestor listed is someone named Wakea, no birth date and was married about 129 A.D. in Maui. 


Take care, 




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