William Andrew Brede + Ekekela Esther Sarah Paulo
B-5/28/1832 d--11/2/1836 Hamburg Germanyb-12/24/1848 d-1878 (waimea Kauai)

1)William Brede
2)Emma Naalekuokalani brede
3)Charles Andrew Brede
4)Helen Brede
5)Paul Centennial Brede
6)Maria Maraea Marie Brede
7)Dora Dorothea Leimaiole Brede
8) Alfred Brede

1) Julia Brede
2) Stella Brede
3) Charles (Charley) Brede
4) Helen Irene Nakahilialoha Brede
5) Molly kumuokalani Brede
6)Wiliam Andrew Brede
7) David sonny Brede

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Hi Ka'iulani,

I was doing a google search for some information on my great-great grandparents ( William and Ekekele Brede) and your post came up!


I am descended from Marie Marae Hakaleleponi Brede:  Marie married Samuel Kenneth Bishop.  Their son, Kenneth Francis Bishop, was my grandad and his daughter, Lynda Leilani Bishop, is my mother. 


I will be visiting my family in a week and will have access to my mom's family photos.  I will post pictures of  Marie Brede and my grandad, Kenneth,  as soon as I get them.


Take care,


Julia Babcock



I had a question - I see that you are descended from Marie's brother, Charles...was he your great grandfather?  When I was younger my grandad's cousin, Emma Kinolau, used to come visit us in California every couple of years.  Her children, David and Kamaile would also come with her.  I'm not sure who Aunt Emma's mother and father were.  I know she and David died quite awhile ago.  I haven't seen or spoken to Kamaile in many years.   


My great-grandmother's sister (I believe) visited once.  We called her Aunt Denny, so I'm not sure if she was Dora Brede?  I will have to ask my mom....I do remember Grandma Marie was crying tears of joy and it was the first time I ever saw anyone cry from being happy and not sad!


I am married and have two sons, Michael and Luke.  Michael is a junior in college and our youngest, Luke, just left the nest to start his freshman year at college. :(  I will post a family picture as soon as I can. 


Can't wait to hear from you!!!


Take care,


Julia Babcock







well it seems i wrote two responses but it didnt get loaded.....i would love to keep in touch .....Your pictures are simply beautiful...I have the one with gma Ekekela and Grandpa William....and all the kids....Glad there are ohana looking to keep in touch and reconnect. Our ohana has graced the face of this earth for 200 years since our kupuna reigned and have not reconnected with a BREDE reunion...but maybe in my lifetime, it will be possible.It will take work, but as long as their is family looking then it is possible.

My grandmother is a Brede and my mother is Emma Kinolau. I would like to meet you. I'm in the phone book. Aloha, Emmarose Fredericks

Charles A Bride Aloha! Been reading post would like to join in.. Charles A Bride is my great grand father, who's daughter Helen E. breed my grandmother. Who was married to Gabriel Juarez and had 4 children, Gabriel Jr, Carmen E., Charles and Irene. Also Charles A Bride's father is William Bride married to Sarah maiden name was Loloku. Please respond. Thank you

sorry for mispell on last name darn computer..Brede..family name

aloha cuzin....

EmmaRose Hakaleleponi married david kinolau......

her parents were:

Emma Na'alekuokalani Brede married George Halemauna Karratti

Best of luck to you .....Hope this helps!

Spelling correction:

George Helemauna Karratti



From Left to Right top row:  Paul Centennial Brede, Emma Brede,  Charles Brede,  Helen Brede, Bill Brede

From Left to Right bottom row:  Marie Brede,  Ekekela Brede, William Brede, Dora Brede

seen a correction....

this is Ali'i Ekekela Loloku and her husband William Andrew Brede. :)

Charles brede is Mt great grandfather who'  daughter is my grand mother Helen E. Bride, my father Charles Juarez, who resembles his grandfather and I resemble Dora. My photo you can compare. Would love to here from anyone.

Check your email. Maoliworld had 3 addresses for me to respond to several of your requests.

Aloha, cousin Emmarose


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