I joined the genealogy group but noticed little activity of late and thought I'd start a discussion on Moana-a-Kauhi. Her husbands that I know of were Palila Nohomuaolani, Kukalohe, Keaweopala and Heulu. The daughter of Heulu and Moana was Hakau an ancestor of Bernice Pauahi. It is said that she was also the wife of Kalaniopuu. Any one have information or thoughts on this?


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I am a descendant a Moana and Heulu....have you googled Moana....Anake Amelia posted a beautiful compliation of Moana bloodlines. You can use that to help you.


here are other sites:



I had posted that inquiry so many months ago. Mahalo for your response. I was surprised when I received it. Where can I find Anake Amelia's posting of the Moana bloodlines? I would like to compare it with what I have compiled so far. I descend from the Nohomuaolani Palila line through a son named Palake. I have been able to find the Palake line through the Nahinu, Kahumoku, Kuluwaimaka and Henriques-Peabody genealogies. Most genealogies of the Moana line do not include all the connections. Moana (w) descended from both the Maui chiefly line and the Hawaii chiefly line. She was a grand-daughter of Moanakuhialii (Moanakuhiauli; Moana-a-Kea), son of Keakealanikane, ruling chief of Hawaii. She was also the grand-daughter of Piilaniwahine II, daughter of the ruling chief of Maui, Kalanikaumakaowakea. Moanakuhialii was the son of Kalaaiheana, a grand-daughter if I(k) and her brother, Kuahuia, was ruling chief of Hilo.  Kuahuia was the greatgrandfather of Moana (w)'s father, Kauhi-a-Haki (Kauhi-a-Piiao). Her mother and father were 2nd cousins. The Moana Line, as far as history goes, was the least mentioned line of Ali'i yet from Moana (w) descended Kalama, Kamehameha IV and V, Lunalilo, Ruth Keelikolani, Bernice Pauahi and according to Kalakaua, he and Liliuokalani. 

I would be very interested to see what Anake Amelia posted. This is exciting as I have been doing genealogies for almost forty years and still have some missing pieces to the puzzle. Again, Mahalo for replying.




I am a descendant of Moana as well....Anake Amelia has been a big help to our ohana ...I would suggest you keep close ties with her. Best of Luck to you and your mo'okuauhau...Moana lines are very significant to Hawaiian History and the continuance of our ALI'I LINES! IMUA!

Mahalo for your response. Yes the Moana Line was very important although seldom mentioned in our written history unless you really dig deep. My grand uncle when he gave my sister and I our family genealogy to continue, many, many years ago called the genealogy "The Royal House of Moana".  At that time I really did not know what he meant. I do now.

I have tried to google Anake Amelia but unsuccessful. Any ideas?




were you successful with finding what you needed.


I have been able to find some but still some missing pieces. Tried to google Moana but no real luck with that. Is Anake Amelia Ameilia Gora? If it is I did look at some of her information and did correspond some time ago with her. She did not have anything more than what I already had. 

By the way, from which line of Moana are you from? Does the line come down from Moanakane or Moanawahine? Our line comes from the daughter of Moanakane, Iliki-a-Moana through her daughter Moana-a-Kauhi (Moana-a-Haki). Most interesting is that Iliki-a-Moana and her husband Kauhi-a-Haki were close relatives through the lineage of I(k). It seems that both descend from Kuaana-a-I - one through his son Kuahuia and the other through his daughter Kalaaiheana who married Keakealanikane and had Moana-a-Kea (Moanakuhiauli; Moanakuhialii, Moanakane). Moana-a-Kea was the half brother of Keakamahana, mother of Keakealaniwahine, mother of Keawe.

Keep in touch. Aloha.



Aloha to all.  I fell upon this discussion group.  My paternal great great grandmother was Hattie Kaumuaali'ikalani Kana'ina, neice of Charles Kana'ina and cousin of King Lunalilo, daughter of Kaimualiiokamoku and Kamakahi.  Kaimualiiokamoku was the son of Eia Kamakakaualii and Kauwa, whose parents were Nohmuaolani Palila and Moana.  So, there you have it.  Don't think it will get me a free pint of Primo in Hilo, but nice to be here.  Mahalo.


I come from this line...did you look on the mormon website. Theres a lot you can find to help solidify your searches.

Nice to hear from you.  Where do you fit into the Moana line?  Would like to hear your lineage.


Aloha! I am a direct descendent of Moana Wahine. She is my 6x great grandmother.

We discovered a well researched but only partial family tree in 2013. I have spent a great deal of time researching the line and have become very impressed with this history.

Contact me if you have questions but...you can also look to Wikipedia as I have worked very hard to add information there as I discover it.


Hey Mark, glad to hear from you.  I put my pedigree up above on the blog, so I come from the Moana line.

I will head over to Wikipedia to see what you found.  Mahalo!!


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