• these names comes out of Oahu and Big Island in my research,

    i have not come across these names currently on our Kingdom of Maui Nui,

    Liliha is already from oahu......your best bet...go to the Morman Church,

    and or to the court house/library in the law books that hold names like liliha??????

    i know for sure.......i have not come across these names on our Maui Nui~~~~

    unless these ohana's moved here??????? trace of locals with these last names here???????

    my Blessings to your facts and findings.....for me......ask it, believe it and i found it within 7 years of my

    personal research of my KUMAEWA, KAINA, KALEO AND MOMONA ohana nation of our

    Royal Kingdom Ancesters of our Maui Nui......big nui to Claim the Blessings of RESPECT, that

    comes with the names of my Kupuna Kahiko.......mauruuru......da princess of Loko O Mokuhinia

    • where does the Kumaewa and Kaleo come from?  I have those names in our genealogy

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