Aloha kakou!
I am happy to announce that a project over twenty years in the making has come to fruition with the publication of an annotated list of Hawaiian names of plants, originally drafted by the famous botanist Joseph Rock in 1920, but never published. Now it is freely available online, via the ethnobotany journal of the Department of Botany, UH. Go to this link:

In the article you will find Hawaiian names of plants not to be found in the Hawaiian dictionary, nor any other sources I know of, which is an exciting addition to our knowledge of Hawaiian names. There is also a neat transcription and translation of a Hawaiian love chant associated with the native plant niʻoi (not the chili pepper, but the rare native shrub in the same family as ʻōhiʻa), that Rock learned from the kahuna from Kaupō that taught him plant names.

I hope you enjoy!


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