running for a position on this kingdom of maui nui.

my mission is to keep and continue Maui No Ka Oi (da bestessess),

however, i do know money and outside power will be a challenge,

but not imposible left in the hands of Ke Akua.

i will expose this illegal governing entity of contractors (county of maui, state of hawaii

and the federal) all self proclaimed entities, that has allowed such horrible acceptance of

the decisions made by leaders of the desendants of these missionaries, the military, the plantationers, imigrants, migrants, and christian americans.

i ask for any and all input in the direction into our native hawaiian traditional cultural nation of our kingdom of maui nui. a good leader listens to her people and make the best decisions to honor and Respect the land, water (streams), ocean, air space and rights and dignity of her rightful people of old hawaii nei.

i personall spoke to one of the other Kingdom Hui (organizations) on Maui Nui and i asked if these hui's is based on selective ohana statis or does others have a say or place within their rules and policies of their made up hui of ohanas???

i feel it will be a battle dealing with the leaders of outsiders, yet they eat, sleep, work and make unwise decisions concerning the fate for our future generations to come..please i pray for solutions, not no where to go!!! this is the time our Kupunas need to take the step to come forward and take the lead to right (pono) the wrong (hewa), in our generation yesterday............~da princess~

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