Aloha mai kakou,
getting down to the wire should be good though been getting good responses.
Just a few last minute announcements
Parking: there are a few options for parking you can park in the parking structure next to Hawaiian Studies the cost is three dollars and there is reentry, you can also park in the parking lot in front of the building make sure you go to the station near the entrance of the parking structure and pay (3$ as well), or there is always the free option park along the road whereever you can find an empty space
Mea to stencil on-part of the aret corner will include stencil making, try to bring things to Ku Like Kakou that you would want to have stencil son an old (or new) shirt, paper, etc.
okay i think that's is about it for now hope to see you all there
MANA Student Hui

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