Thurs April 2
4:30 pm
Manoa Gardens

Forming student committees for Kulike Kakou Voices For Independence
Please come!

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Can you let people know about the hearing tomorrow at the capitol? Rm 016, at National Heritage Area designation for the entire ahupua'a of Nu'uanu and includes Kapalama, Punchbowl...all the way to punahou street and makai...including the pacific ocean. It is a "swifter" version of the Akaka Bill. With a stroke of a pen, we can lost it all...including independence. We will then be labeled "terrorists" and could face federal prisons instead of just the taking of our tents.

I sent something to Ikaika.

For those unable to attend, send in your testimonies today ASAP via e-mail or fax. It seems the state cuts its nose to spite its face and surrender lands to the federal government to have the feds deal with the native Hawaiians as they do with the native Americans. The penalties are more severe with the feds than the state; at least the state has to deal with the Hawaiian community whereas the Feds don't have to and just label us terrorists. If the state wants to give up its land; then give it back to the Hawaiian nationals of the Kingdom. Common sense.
e Tane,
Mahalo for your help today. You are the best writer around and when you speak...people listen. I had a lot on my plate today and found it hard to keep up.



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