I just sent the following email to Ikaika Hussey. I'm posting it here - as this discussion group is very well populated. From my perspective - assembling as Kanaka Maoli (in the right setting) in the spirit of Malama 'Aina - and Aloha - is something to continually strive for:


With the success that Maoliworld has gotten, it would be appropriate - one of these times soon - for us to gather as a MaoliWorld ohana - (so-called) "statewide" or "islandwide" to celebrate our Kanaka Maoli-ness and our being Maoliworld ohana.

Wouldn't this be a great celebration if held at 'Iolani Palace grounds - without a permit - but completely by some kind of magic spontaneity that just happens - perhaps on one of our "special" days (but not July 31 when I will be celebrating "Ka La Ho'i Ho'i Ea!"on Mauna Kea).



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aloha Ku,
I Think that's an Awesome Idea.
Aloha Kakou,
I agree that we need to have an open Kukakuka. It needs to be in a setting that promotes ideas and ideals that we can collectively strive for and collectively make happen. a suggestion for such an area is Puu Honua O Honaunau. We need to talk about and impliment the Kuleana of Malama Aina,
Malama ke Kai, Malama Ko Kino.
Puu Honua O Honaunau is on the Big Island... it is the last of the great Puu Honua.. it is a safe place, it is a temple... it is your temple. Mid november is the time for the rising of makalii and the start of the period of Lono. It would be a choice time for this to happen .. we could arrange for a week long meeting. We could take the time to listen to each other, compare notes, define objectives, network our people and allies, introduce plans of implimentation on many levels. We could go back and understand the foundational roots of our culture.
if we were to start making plans now.. really put a lot of effort to spread the word out to as many as possible, we could find out who is willing to help and in which manner.
we could also utilize the time just being... at the temple.. in the Puu Honua and remeber/.
The setting would be a camping situation... this would releive the pressure of where to stay and also allow for more together time... eat, sleep, drink and enjoy.
if this sounds like a workable plan.. please respond Aloha Hanalei

I will be gone for part of the month of November. However, you have a great idea - like I've told you - it would be great to go there once a month. This would be a great activity for November.

However, if it occurs after I come home (Nov. 16) - I'll be there.



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