Wednesday, October 1, 2008

U.S. Supreme Court to hear ceded lands case

The U.S. Supreme Court today agreed to hear a case involving attempts by the state of Hawai'i to sell portions of ceded lands on Maui and the Big Island to private, residential developers.

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My responses to this story -

Deeded? No way.

Ceded? By Whom? Tried to by the Republic of Hawaii. Where did it get its title? It didnt' have any.

Annexation? It never happened. The myth continues, for instance, on the McKinley statue at McKinley H.S., which labels the document he holds as "Treaty!" There was NO treaty. A resolution is domestic and only has the force of law, if any, within the boundaries of the sponsoring nation. The "Resolution of Annexation" was powerless in Hawai'i.

While treaties are "the supreme law of the land" - the u.s. does not live by its treaties.

Never fear, the Supreme Court will find a way to continue the myth.

However, if the so-called "ceded lands trust" is found to be unconstitutional - Should the Statehood Act also be found unconstitutional?

Or can the Court - as in Pearl Harbor - support cancellation of the treaty - yet allow the u.s. to not only keep the "use" of it, but allow the u.s. to claim good title?

Manifest Destiny is alive!

Unfortunately, this appeal gives the u.s. supreme court the wherewithal to make legal what all the misrepresentation, deception and fraud wreaked upon the subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the Kingdom - by the illegal Overthrow, the Annexation that never took place, and the cession, by an entity without interest or title, of the so-called "ceded" lands (the stolen Hawaiian Kingdom lands.

A possible outcome of this appeal, based on racial equality - for me - may cancel one of my major reasons for opposing the so-called "Akaka" Bill - to keep the stolen lands out of the hands of the u.s. and the so-called state of hawaii.

Again - Justice is elusive. But - I suppose - this is how dastardly folks can steal a Kingdom, its lands, and unconstitutionally make americans out of hawaiians.

But - holdouts like me - refuse to play this game. Onipa'a!!!!

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