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aloha mai kakou:)
mahalo nui momi for inviting me to volcano this afternoon to kuku kapa.
definitely the highlight of my weekend.
just wanted to share some ki'i taken from this afternoon.
me ka ha'aha'a, momi wheeler
Good job. The kapa was beautiful and the food was ono and it was nice to spend a little time with you all....
Hi Momi,
Starting working on making Katie and her sister their own kua to beat kapa on. I'm making a few `ie`ie kuku too. I like you pictures, I'll post some pictures as soon as I get back to my wood shop.
Hi Mike,

Would love to nana when you are pau. Good job. I know you will make it nani. My carvings aren't that great or deep but the meaning is deep and they show up on the kapa so I guess it is ok. the i`e kuku which are deeply carved, were carved in W. Samoa. I was amazed when I got them back from the wood carver. but they are so deep, it seems to make the kapa so embossed that it is hard to do ohe kapala on it. Plus, the `ohi`a seems to stick to the kapa cause it is not so smooth. Hard to make the `ohi`a really smooth. Oh these pics were posted by Momi Wheeler (and Mahalo Momi) my i`e kuku are on my page.

aloha e mike:)
when you see katie & justine, tell them i send my aloha's to them.
have fun in your wood shop...a hui hou
Awesome pics of the kapa making you folks! Beautiful tools and kapa...mahalo nui for sharing this with the group! Momi feel free to post when you folks have get togethers to pound and i'll put it on the front page with the events. Mahalo again!
We (the Momi's) will definitly when we get together. Mahalo for letting us open more venues to inspire more people to beat kapa....



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